Sunday, November 15, 2009

Swine HaHa-CHU!

Hello everyone! Welcoem to the new followers! Please take a sec to leave a comment and a link to your blog so I can come say hi!! So, question- Can I get your opinion on the swine flu shot??? No arguing here people :) just opinions, and everyone's counts! Speakingof :) (great segway, huh?!lol) DRS Stamps has this stamp and I smiled the entire time I colored it! Not really crazy about the card, but just love the stamp!

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*Alison* said...

Hey you!!! Super cute card.. I love the image.. :) The shot.. that's another story.. I am not one of those people waiting in line for it.. I think that there is not enought testing etc done on it.. to inject yourself with trace amounts of the swine flu to me is just plain silly.. so NO shots for our house..:).. HUGS

JAN said...

I agree, i wonder how much long term testing effects can have been done on this shot. oh and if your a conspiracy theorist perhaps they are shotting you with something else..MMM just a thought lol. what a great piggin card my dear..hugs jan

- - Sheryl - - said...

I am not getting the shot. Maybe if it was our longer. However I feel so many children are effected I am wondering if it will do any good either way.

Love your card.

Lori said...

Super cute card! I'm not getting the shot for me..I never get the seasonal flu shot. I figure I can stay as safe just being diligent about washing my hands, etc. I did get the mist vaccine for my kids this past week. I feel like it's safe since it is based on the seasonal flu shot which has been around forever and is considered safe. They are just exposed to so much at school I want to keep them as safe as possible.

Crystal said...

it is a cute stamp and i think the card is cute too! love the button accent! hugs!

Amanda Profumo said...

Hi SJ! Love your pig flu card- so cute!
Ok- none of my kids are getting the swine flue shot. I figure so many people are in a mad panic to get it that my house will hopefully be protected- since everyone else has gotten the shot! I'm also one that doesn't worry... so if one of us gets the flu, we will fight it off, just like in "the old days" with rest, Tylenol and homemade chicken soup!

Loz (Aus) said...

I love your card! Here in Aus, we don't seem to be giving it much thought. It's free here at the moment, and I've noticed signs around the town advertising it... I don't feel the need to have one, or for the kids, but then again, it's free... ??

craft_princess said...

Such a great card! I debated heavily on getting the H1N1 vaccine and decided against it. I didn't get the regular one either. I have had to get several shots in the past for going out of the country and who knows what those will do to me in the long run! I guess if I was pregnant I MIGHT get the shot just because I heard a preggo woman has a hard time fighting anything off but I would still hate to do it because who knows what they will say about these shots 50 years or so from now! They might say all this stuff causes cancer or liver damage or who knows what! Okay, that is my LONG opinion! LOL!

Mary said...

What a great card!!!


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