Wednesday, November 11, 2009


First- Happy Veteran's Day. Thank you to all those who have served in our armed forces. I am happy to say that in my family we are represented by the Army and Navy, but not to forget the Marines & Air Force. My sincerest thank you to each!
Next- a bit of yummy news- I made the Just Buggin' Design Team! So excited to bring you more fun Cricut projects- Did I mention that I love my gypsy more and more every time I use it :) Head over to the Just Buggin blog to sign up as a follower or to bookmark it! Great inspiration for sure!
Next- I am SLOWLY transition my store to a new storefront. Etsy is great, and I love the people, but I pay CRAZY fees each month for listings and percentage of sales, on top of the expected PayPal fees. My new storefront costs a flat fee up front, 1/10th of what my Etsy bill is a month, and no listing, no percentage. This translates into lower prices since I don't have to add a dollar here and there to the price to cover those fees. For bigger ticket item stores, it's not much, but when you are selling for 1.50-10.00, it adds up! SO, what to expect?- No signing in or account needed to buy, you do need to pay with credit/debit/paypal balance with PayPal though, and ALL my cards going on the site will be $1.75 each. Period. I sold a ton at the open house recently and needed to move them, so this will be perfect! I will let you all know when it is fully stocked and ready :) I will be keeping my Etsy until I feel like my customers are comfortable with the other cart!
Have a great night and see you again tomorrow!!

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Yvette said...

A BIG congrats to you! I'm excited for you! :)

laterg8r said...

super congrats to you :D

phonelady said...

congrats to you and so excited for you . God bless you and your family .

Anonymous said...

Hey DT Sista! :) So glad we will be working together, too! Its gonna be fun! And Congrats!

craft_princess said...

Lower prices are good! Can't wait to see the new store!

Also glad my Uncle Bob card made you smile! :)

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