Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Whatcha Doin' Today???

Hi friends! Hope you are having a great day! Mine has been jam packed! My little guy is at my parents house nad is coming home tomorrow. This morning I met my super cool scrappy friend Raegan at Archiver's for an uneeded, but much wanted scrappy shop trip :) Lots of good find! I even got some more stuff, with Raegan's help, for my blog candy! (Brads, stickers, paper for the packs, etc!) After grabbing an amazingly Strawberry Banana Vavanno Smoothie from Starbucks, we headed out. I came home to head to the hematologist with my hubby. They drew 11 viles of blood. CRAZY! And we got to talk to the actual doc who will be in on the surgeries. Very nice guy!!! Now we are home and I am heading to get my hair done. (I always feel like my grandma when I say that, like I am getting it set or something, lol) More blonde. less brown :) I love summer. Such a great excuse for fun blonde hair and bronze cheeks! You know something that is funny. B/c I change my hair so much, I don't know if I have one Christmas picture with blonde hair! Only brown or black since it is winter! HA! Myabe I chould carry the golden on this year! (My hubby would HAPPILY agree to that. :)
Enough for now, i just wanted to say hello since I had a couple minutes before I needed to leave and no little guy around to play with :( (Not to mention that I am a compulsive email/blog checker!)
More otmorrow- some new LO's, cards, and I need your advice ! So check back!!!


Yvette said...

Sounds like you have been busy today! I've never had a Strawberry Banana Vavanno smoothie from Starbucks, but it sure sounds yummy!

Karen L said...

You know, I did get confused when I saw your scrapbook layouts..because you had dark hair in some of them and I didn't recognize you! Must be fun to change your color with the seasons...almost like changing personalities!!
So what did you pick up at Archivers?? We don't have any around here...don't even know if they are in California at all!

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