Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Spotlight- Crafty Paper Girl

Saturday Spotlight time! Here I feature artists and their work! I encourage you to check out their shops, and as always, a special treat is in it for you at the end! Show support & love! You guys are the best at it!!! (If you would like to be featured, simply send me an email at and we will get you scheduled! Happy spotlight day!

Saturday Spotlight- Amanda at

Name: Amanda P.

Where are you from: Louisville, KY, born and raised!
What do specialize in: & where did you get your idea?: Hmm... I suppose I "specialize" in all things crafty! I have been doing this a long time... I love paper, fabric, embellishments, and all things cute and fun! My first love is paper (stationery and scrapbooking) and coming in a close second is making my feltie embellishments. The felt embellishments is something I have a weakness for. I have purchased many from Etsy shops and my LSS. Back in May, my mom made me a dress out of some really cute floral fabric. She had a ton of fabric left over and I loved it so much, I started cutting the big flowers out. Then, the felt entered my mind and I started adding that to the blossoms. From there, buttons, and thread, etc. I was addicted to making these cuties. Finally, the birds sent me over the edge. I was hooked.

Where did the name come from: I combined my love for paper and crafts into one name. I also carry this name on my blog:

How did you get started on etsy?: Well, I made a bunch of my feltie birds. They were so cute and fun to make that I ended up with so many! That's when I decided to open the Etsy shop... I am a shopper on Etsy, so it wasn't all that new to me!
Any advice for new etsy sellers that you have learned?: I would say to have/use lots of tags on your items. A good picture and decent description is also helpful!
What do you want customers to know about you and/or your product: I am open to suggestions! If you need a bird or feltie to match a product, contact me! I am proud to offer super low shipping too!
Anything else interesting you'd like to share with us? I'm addicted to my craft room... it's beautiful. I wish I could sit in here all day making stuff! I suppose I'll settle for a strong cup of coffee or a Diet Coke, and some dark chocolate, though!
I know a lot of you make your own embellishments, but who doesn't love some freebies!!! :) The winner gets a free bird and free flower! You got it, FREE! (Use for yourself, save for a great Christmas gift, etc??) So, how do you enter? Leave a comment on this post about your favorite item on the CPG website! For extra entries leave a separate comment if you make a purchase from CPG, and if you blog about this giveaway - post a comment with the link to your post! So, that's up to 3 entries!!! Good luck and happy commenting! ENDS FRIDAY, 7/24!


Ms. Cheryl said...

I'm HOOKED!!! My fave is Pink Felt Bird #1 and #2. With pink being my favorite color it was a given. I have a bird feeder just outside my studio window. When I remodeled my home a few years ago I had bow windows that are 11 feet wide ceiling to floor put in my living room and my bedroom because I love watching the birds and other creatures outside.
I had to add this shop to my favorites list.Thanks, ms.cheryl

Ms. Cheryl said...

OK!!I couldn't stop myself, I blogged about this giveaway here
I still have to learn about adding pictures, LOL. ms.cheryl

Karen L said...

Oh much cuteness! I LOVE those felt birds! My favorite is actually the Bright the combo of red and turquoise! I also really love the blue and green felt flowers.
These remind me of embroidered shapes that a friend brought back from Korea!

Karen L said...

Tweeted this contest on twitter as Karenladd here:

Sweetie said...

I love the Pink Bird the most~~so cute! I also love the feltie buttons - will need to purchase some of those!

Sweetie said...

I purchased Chocolate & green felt bird #1 and Pink leopard bird #1! Love them!!

Sweetie said...

Seeing as I am addicted to these felties, I had to get my third entry in by linking it and your blog in my blog!! Here is the address:


Mama Tuttle said...

My favorite is the Chocolate & Green Felt Bird 2 . . . all the birds are so cute!!

Cristina said...

I have to say, all of her items are beautiful...I really LOVE the pink on pink flowers and I love the chocolate & green felt bird and leopard bird..too cute!!!!

Cristina said...

Hey Sammye Jo just blogged about your giveaway....

xoxoxo CRistina

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