Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Challenge Anyone???

Okay- New challenge a comin' :) The twist: You get to help pick it! So, give me your ideas! The idea I pick will get a prize (Do you feel like you are in grade school yet???lol) and the winner of the challenge will get something as always!!! So, give me your ideas- Remember the topic/theme has to one that can be used by scrappers, card makers, those who alter, sew, etc. So, "Hit Me with your best shot......FIRE AWAY!!!!!!! (I love that song. I think it came out beofre I was born, but most of the great songs did!!!lol)


Michelle (from Ky) said...

I loved the challenge they had over at Moxie Fab World. Reuse or recycle something into your project. I didn't have a chance to submit something, but that might be a fun challenge for your readers (and this time I would definitely make soemthing!)

RaeChelle said...

I was thinking that I always have a habit of always using 1 photo for a layout, now not always, but it's easy to get in that rut. So maybe a challenge to use 5+ photos on a single page layout and more if you do a 2 page spread?

Or, us your stamping skills to make an embellishment for a layout or use it to make a card?

Karen L said...

I love to make cards and especially like the fact that cards can be made using all kinds of craft skills! I have even sewn a card! When I was into quilting, I did a mini quilt block and adhered it to a card base.
So my vote is to make a card that celebrates summer in some way!

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