Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday Spotlight- OctopussInk

Saturday Spotlight time! Here I feature artists and their work! I encourage you to check out their shops, and as always, a special treat is in it for you at the end! Show support & love! You guys are the best at it!!! (If you would like to be featured, simply send me an email at and we will get you scheduled! Happy spotlight day!
Saturday Spotlight: Tiffany at OctopussInk
Name: Tiffany Danielle Profet (I'm in love with my full name, & use it often)
Where are you from: Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.
What do specialize in: Honestly, I have a graphic & website design business that I think I am pretty darn good at. I also love to dabble in all sorts of tangible things, which is why I started Octopuss Ink. It's my own personal sandbox.
Name & URL of store: Octopuss Ink / Blog = Store =
Where did the name come from: Part of it was the tentacles...having my hands in all sorts of things. Trust me, I do. The ink was because I want to have cards and other items that I design and print, and I am of course inking my Jinkies line of jewelery.
How did you get started on etsy?: A friend at work showed me Etsy a little over 3 years ago, and it took me a bit to actually start selling on it. A year later I started Masselyn (, where I made handmade beaded jewelry (been doing that for over 10 years). Then I opened my design shop byMasselyn (, where my heart still is, and now I opened Octopuss Ink. I love handmade, have bought too many items to count, and plan on spending even more in years to come. Etsy is the best!

Any advice for new etsy sellers that you have learned?: The ol' relist trick works, but also networking across the internet. Twitter, Facebook, blogging...whatever you are comfortable with go with it. I also know that pictures are key, beautiful and clear pictures that really allow your item to stand out. Daytime lighting is the best, if you don't have a photography studio (who does?) and try to stay away from using a flash if you can!

What do you want customers to know about you and/or your product: I love everything I make. I am a firm believer that you have to make it for yourself first, and then want to share it with others. If you don't, then your heart isn't going into it. I love items that designers really want to keep, but instead sell & share with all of us. So, you can bet I want to keep everything that I design. I also want to create fun and whimsical things that put a smile on your face. If your smiling, then I am's infectious.

Shameless addictions (retail therapy, etc): Food, or rather sweets. I'm a vegetarian, and passionate about it. Giving up meat was easy, but giving up a fresh strawberry cake with fresh cream frosting is not something I can or choose to even attempt. I'm also addicted to music. Listen to it all of the time while I work. Depending on my mood it might be light and fun 80's alternative, or dark and grungy Rob Zombie/Gary Numan.

Anything else interesting you'd like to share with us? I am raising a beautiful St. Bernard (Penelope Pitstop) who is my 4-legged child, and trust me....try raising a 100lb+ dog with the mind of a 2yr old. It's fun galore. I am best friends with my mom, which I am very proud of...and I am very techie. Most people are surprised to find that you can be creative and a total geek when it comes to electronics. I can't live without my Macs, my surround sound system and my flat screen TV. If it plugs in, I love it! If it is new on the market, I'm all over it.
She is soo energetic! I love it! :) ! . And to celebrate being the featured seller, Tiffany is giving one of you a Gift Certificate from her shop and FREE Shipping on whatever you choose to spend it on! !! You got it, FREE! (Use for yourself, save for a great Christmas gift, etc??) So, how do you enter? Leave a comment on this post about your favorite item in her shop! For extra entries leave a separate comment if you add her as a favorite on Etsy, make a purchase from her, and if you blog about this giveaway - post a comment with the link to your post! So, that's up to 4 entries!!! Good luck and happy commenting! Did I mention I bought a super cute pair of earrings last night from her! Can't wait to get them!!!


Ms. Cheryl said...

Hi, my favorite is the jinkies pendant that shows as orange and pink in her shop pic. Thanks, ms.cheryl

Kendra said...

I like the kiwi and the leaf earrings. What a neat idea!

Anonymous said...

I love any of it! What a cool concept! Very oruginal!!! Dana

Amanda Profumo said...

I love the jinkies Kiwi and Jane earrings! Those are darling!

Amanda Profumo said...

I just added OctopusInk as a fave seller at Etsy!

Masselyn said...

Thanks everyone, for the kind words about my Jinkies line. I have loads of fun working on them. :)

Big thanks to Sammye Jo, and her darling blog!

Ms. Cheryl said...

I had to go back and add her as my fave!! ms.cheryl

Yvette said...

Those little morocco earrings are soooo pretty! Then again the kiwi earrings are just as darling!

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