Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update-Crafty Share-Question!

I apologize for the late post, but my hubby and I have spent the bulk of the day at the surgeon's office and at the hospital where his next surgery will be done. Pre op day! lol. (Doesn't it have a nice ring to it, lol!) We are good to go and ready for surgery on the 7th---the part that sucksm the 7th is our son's 3rd birthday :( Subsequently, we are having his party in my hometown this aturday. I know he doesn't know the difference, but I do! BOO! We will make te best of it and I am just excited my hubby will get some much needed relief for now!

On to the crafty chit chat~ I just loved this stamoo when I saw it. Then I saw the stamp with this caption. LOVE it! I do preffer to be called a domestic goddess! So, the question for today- of all your Duties as Goddess, which do you hate the most???? ME- DISHES AND MOPPING MY HARDWOOD! I lvoe my hardwood, the entiremain floor is hardwood, but I have a large sunroom with a lot of windows that opens to the rest of the room (think very open floor plan) and if there is something on my floor, you can see it the second you walk into my house!!!!! UGH! So, let's hear it!!! Love ya'll!
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Amanda Profumo said...

Hmmm... the domestic duty I hate most? DUSTING. Yuck. Achoo!

Yvette said...

The one domestic duty I hate most would be cleaning tubs! The bending over part gets me.

Shore Debris said...

Doing laundry - the chore never seems to end... by the time you've sorted, separated out what needs to hang dry, dry flat or go in the dryer, you still aren't even half-way done - Everything still has to be folded!

Amber said...

Hope your hubby's pre-op went as well as it can:)
Your card is adorable, love the image and the sentiment. My least favorite chore is folding clothes. If only they made something to fold them for me, I'd be a happy camper!

Stephanie *SP Diva* said...

Hope hubby is doing ok for now! :)Well, cleaning the bathrooms would be my least favorite. Cleaning the tub and shower are awful!

RaeChelle said...

Toilets! Actually the entire bathroom duty just sucks! LOL :) But it has to be done!!!

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