Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just a quick note- tomorrow marks ONE YEAR on Etsy for me! I sure wish I had started selling at one year not in November! I might have had 400 sales instead of almost 300 :) So, I am NINE sales away from 300. Yeppers. I WANT 300 by midnight tomorrow! So, Anyone here who makes a purchase, don't forgetto tell me in the notes you are a blog reader, you will get the 25% off shipping (Which makes your shipping only $1.50 FLAT! on ONE item or 10), AND either an AMY BUTLER Mini Cardstock Pack (10 sheets of 3x5) or a Solid Cardstock Pack. YOU choose, FREE. Not to mention my normal free gift. If you don't indicate, it will be a surprise I guess, lol. BUT, you HAVE to say in the notes to seller at checkout that you are a blog reader so I can refund the 25% shipping and give you the free paper pack! Thanks for all the support guys!

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Cristina said...

Hey Sammye Jo...I bought some of your embossed cardstock and I wanted 2 packs...I don't know what happened..LOL..and I didn't say anything in the notes..sooooo..surprise me..lol

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