Sunday, July 5, 2009

Guest Blogger Sunday- Guest Blogger: Ms. Cheryl -BUTTON QUEST

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Recently I mentioned I was on a quest for buttons. I'm a lazy quester so I have quested from the comfort of my sofa. The below picture is my win from ebay today. 14 jars of white, pink and tan buttons. Some with and some without shanks. 14 jars...$15.57. Thats $1.11 per jar. I'm thinking thats not a bad deal.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This picture is of 4 of the cutest kitten buttons that I bought last night on etsy. The link to the shop is: . This shop has some cutiepatootie goodies. You must check her out. Be sure and tell her how you found her. I just got an email fromhowbeadyful at the etsy shop I linked above and she has agreed to give my blog readers a 10% discount on purchases from her shop. Be sure and convo her first, tell her you found her from my blog and she will create a custom choice for you with the discount. If you don't convo first she can't do the discount. She has agreed to this arrangement because she likes knowing her buttons are going to good homes. Send me a comment to tell me what you picked out.

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I am still looking for more buttons. I've got my eye on some pretty little cameo buttons and some pink plastic buttons with cat faces. I have 2 sets of silver buttons on my button radar too. I talked about a banner I made in a class at Great American Scrapbook Convention in a post on Sammye Jo's blog at: . It was pretty and I really liked it but all the buttons were gold and I'm a silver kinda girl, hence the button quest. When I get all my buttons I am going to redo my banner and I'll post pics.

Now this is my first official post on my own official blog : . Please feel free to bookmark it, add to favorites or add it to your blog roll. I have had a pretend blog at my craftivity for almost 2 years but it's not the same as a real blog. I hope to keep you informed of my art escapades here, share tips and information regarding educational opportunities in the world of paper crafts. The only problem is me learning to use this new format. I am computer challenged. My daughter told me I had no bussiness being behind a mouse. Hopefully it won't take me long. My first challenge has been uploading pictures other than the ones I take myself. My son came over and gave me a tutorial using TinyPic. That is how I'm loading the pictures of the buttons. Now, from where I'm sitting all I see is letters, nunbers and symbols. I hope once I click on publish there will actually be a picture appear...We shall see.

This is a copy of my first official post on my own first official blog so when you follow the link above you will find the same post. It's sort of my "maiden post". This is so different from my craftivity and it will take some getting use to but lets hope I'm not too old to learn a new trick. My daughter doesn't know about this blog yet and I have to look like I know what I'm doing before she sees it. LOL. I am always appreciative of advice about these things so if any of you have already started your own blogs and any words of wisdom, do share. I'm a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel.
I'm working on a giveaway to come SOON. You'll have to check back on my blog to be In The Know.
Well I must be on my way, afterall I am in the middle of a quest. Be Blessed.

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Terria said...

I would have to say this is an awesome buy I love these jars I stopping on ebay but looks like I need to get back over there I love buttons and this would have made me a happy camper :)

Ms. Cheryl said...

On top of my awesome ebay find in the pictures above I won 2 more auctions from the same lady AND she lives only 20 min from me. She met me at an agreed upon spot and handed me my buttons... no shipping involved. AND she gave me 3 extra jars of mixed buttons. Now these jars are large babyfood jars not mason jars but they have a ton of buttons in them. I'm on BUTTON CLOUD 9. ms.cheryl

Karen L said...

Great button find...and no shipping, how cool is that?!!! I've been collecting buttons since my teens but I keep forgetting to pull them out and use them in my crafting. Can't wait to see how you use yours!

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

What a great buy!!!!!! Gotta love it! Great post!

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