Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My roots :)

I prmosied pics from the weekend. So here you go :)

These are the spring summer heifers (think tween in human terms :) after I fed them. The tall white one on the left in the back is one of Matthew's :) (Polka Dot, Daighter of Dottie :) He named them!)
Some tobacco in the barn. It will be stripping time before long!

A sweet one day old. Isn't she precious!!!

Feeding the little guy born on my birthday. He still doesn't take a bottle well, so I had to stablize him and hold it in his mouth so he would
drink. Yes, we were both covered! My little friend. he loved sucking on my hand. If you didn't know, calves are born with a full set of teeth. Crazy huh! I have always let them suck on my hand. They love the salt like taste from our skim. Everyone who tries it for the first time thinks their tongues feel like sandpaper. It's just sweet. I have only been bitten once in 28 years and it was more of a nibble :)

He's camera shy. Afterall it is only like 6:30 am here. We start milking at 3:30, so this was after sun up.

My little birthday friend again.His neighbor in the next stall. She is sweet and cracked me up. She too was born this weekend. Love the milk on her chin :)

"Did someone say milk???"
Note: Holding up a feed sack with command the attention of the room. Promise. Feeding hay and feed after milking. We have about 100 cows on the milk line and a few hundred off (turned dry, think pretty pregnant :) when they calve, they will be added back to the line. It makes for a lot of food. :)

This picture reminded me of the california Cheese commercials. lol

The barn kitties. There are about 15 that run around the farm and wait for dad to give them milk in the mornings.
Marla, the rooster. Long story.

Hope you enjoyed. This is my escape. My roots. Where I grew up.
Our family has been milking for 30 years.
When mom and dad started, I had a playpen in the milk room where I went every morning and night as a baby while they milked.
I am very grateful for my experiences here and love this place. My whole family does. My brother was majoring in Ag and had plans to take it over. Dad's dream too. One of the hardest parts this time of year is knowing that Matt will never get the chance. If you are ever in KY and want to go milk with me, call me up :)
Lots of love!


Amy Copas said...

Wow! I'm the first one to post this time! Woo hoo!! lol Great pics! Those who are not from the country will enjoy them and those of us who are from the country will appreciate them! Remember I told you that Stone and I were going to mom and dad's last weekend. Well...daddy had a newborn baby calf too (born either through the night or that morning)and we rode the ranger out in the field to see it. Beautiful, wobbly little guy! Very cute! Our boys have great grandparents don't they?!?!

Yvette said...

Love the pics! The calf is adorable! The cows do remind me of the California cheese commercials too! lol .... and Marla, the rooster??:) She looks like a wild chick! TFS these pics of your roots!

Karen L said...

So fun seeing you with the cows!! I had no idea you were a "real" country girl!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh Sammye Jo, these pictures are so great. Love the sweet little newborns! Thanks for sharing!

phonelady said...

wow what a great bunch of pics . My condolenses on the loss of your brother . Yep know the derby well . that is awesome , all those cute calves and one born on your bday too !! You are a lucky girl. Have a great day . thanks for sharing and thanks for posting .

margie c said...

Awww, the babies are so cute!
TFS :*)
~ margie

Kaytee said...

That is a lot of cows!!! It seems like so much fun though! Those baby cows are adorable!

Shannon!!! said...

I found your blog just in the past week, so I am new, but I loved your pictures. What an honest, wholesome lifestyle. How much more wonderful this world would be if they were raised in ways like this.

lundgren79 said...

Love the pictures! I think we need to hear about Marla the rooster :)

Cara said...

aww, too cute! Glad you had a nice time with family!

craft_princess said...

Great pics!! You know the area I live and I am so familiar with everything you mentioned! Although I have never personally milked a cow I have watched it several times...lived next door to a dairy farm growing up. Hmmm, maybe I'll have to give milking a try one of these years?

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

lol- We do not need to elaborate on marla :)

Welcome Shannon!

Yes Amy the kiddos have good grandparents!!

Amanda Profumo said...

Oh, SJ! So many precious pics! Thanks for posting! I love that you come from a hard working farm family; your hard work and good ethics come naturally! ;)

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