Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I got friends....:)

I love sharing blogs of new friends I have met here in the bloggy world. I have really only run into a couple not very nice people, but for the most part, everyone is great and always encouraging, super sweet, and positive! After all, this is a hobby that we enjoy and not a division of Congress. :)

So, here are a few blogs for you to check out. Sign up to be a follower too on their blogs too!

and I have more, but I have to save something for later :0)
Also, remember the embellies I made that are in a new kit club? Well here are some examples of how people have used them! It's such a cool feeling to open someone's blog and see YOUR creation on their work!! I am so flattered!!


Aphra said...

Hi there! Just thought I'd pop over to your blog since you were so kind at mine. LOVE what you've got going on here. Your ETSY stuff is fabulous! Have a good day!

Kaytee said...

Awww so sweet of you to mention my blog! I love reading yours and seeing your beautiful creations! So inspiring! HUGS!!!!

phonelady said...

Sammy Jo i think it is we who are the lucky ones that we all found you and your blog and I for one am so appreciative of you and all your sweet comments and how many of these give aways you host . Oh my gosh i feel so priveledged . thanks for sharing and posting .

craft_princess said...

I always like to check out new blogs...thanks for mentioning them!


laterg8r said...

hey, that's me! i'll go check out everyone else too :D

very cool to see your creations on another person's page! :D

the whimsical butterfly said...

...and you GOT friends cuz you ARE a friend! hugs to you, girlie :) Hope you had a good day!

Crystal said...

aw, thanks for mentioning me sweetie! you just rock! now to go check out those awesome blogs you mentioned! hugs!

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