Monday, May 11, 2009


Okay I am back. Wake and funeral over. Life to resume. Enough. This is my happy place. THANK YOU to all of you who have sent your well wishes and blessings of healing our way. We really appreciate EVERY one of them. So, I wanted to come back to this with a happy thing for me. I FINALLY have redone my craft room! Well, the set up before- paper crafting in the corner of the bedroom, fabric on all the shelves in my laundry room, cricut expression on the kitchen counter, and sewing machine on the dining room table. Ummmm YEAH. Looked like a mini sweat shop in this house! About 6 months ago my husband mentioned me turning the guest room into my room. ( Not for sleeping, for crafting, lol) I finally said yes. I love having a designated guest room, but the only people that come stay are my parents, my sister, and my cousins. When they come, Matthew sleeps with them anyways! So, moved the queen sized bed from the guest room into Matthew's room and I moved an unused twin bed from his room to the "craft" room. I meant to take pics before starting, but forgot, so The one picture is after I had already unloaded the stuff into the room.
The room is really large and has 2 closets. I lost sleep over deciding where things should go, how I wanted it to look, etc (Ever just had to MAKE yourself quit thinking about something???) So, I played around and finally decided How I wanted it to be! I am a very cheery happy-go-lucky kind of girl. I love Gerber daisies, lime green, and pink, modern, clean lines, a place for everything, etc. So, I wanted this room in my house to just scream ME!!!!!! when I walked in. (If I decorated my house in lime green ad pink with Gerber daisy accents, my husband may decide to live in the garage. He is a minimalist, liking dark colors, and bare walls, except for a gigantic tv, another story, another time. I finally got him to hang picture in his "man cave" after a year and a half. UGH!) So, after being reminded that she hadn't seen the results of my redo, a close and very dear friend of mine, Raegan, I finally cleaned up enough to take some pictures! (BTW- Raegan is a crazy awesome scrapper and is such an inspiration to me! I called her to ask her opinion on scrap storage solutions and more before I started! Thanks Rae!!!) So, without further ado, here are the results. Hope you enjoy the pics!

My redo was relatively inexpensive. The 4 large white shelves on the walls were in my room at my parents. I jacked them :) I also had the desktop there too. The cubes were a steal from Target. The paint cans Archivers, but I later found them cheaper at Michael's. Card table and chairs for Cricut, already had, wedding gift. paper lanterns from Pier 1- I asked the manager for a discount for buying the open ones they had used for a display- she gave me 40% off :), daisies, vases, Pier 1, Sewing table- Target, Fishbowls for ribbon and trims- Lakeside Collection, $9.99 (2 years ago! I have just waiting for somewhere to use them!) Bulletin board- I already had, just recovered with fabric, etc. One closet has fabric, one all my Etsy Shop items and extra items.

All in all I am really pleased so far. Still have to get the throw pillows made for the bed, new curtains, and seat cushions in matching fabric for the chairs! Thanks for "listening"!!!


ms.cheryl said...

You'll be soooo glad you made the change. When my son unexpectedly moved out I was feeling overwhelmed with depression and my daughter said we should paint the room pink and make it our craft room. So we did and it was my "therapy". We spend a lot of time in there. It's also the computer room and there is a small tv. The best part is there is a DOOR. HaHa. This is it at first:
It is a total whirlwind now but I LOVE IT!! Enjoy your room. ms.cheryl

Karen L said...

Your craft room looks so big! I also share my craft area with a bed (in my dd's old room) but I feel so cramped! Too much stuff in too little space.

Jennifer said...

Your craft room looks great!

Creative Cards said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful room! So much space to craft. I'm so jealous! At the moment I use only my desk to craft and my supplies are all over the place in my bedroom.

Looks great though! Enjoy!

EverImprovingMe said...

Your room looks great! I am looking forward to having a craft room soon with in the next few months or early next year. I will be excited to decorate my "own" space too. I had not given that much thought. I think I will start planning now. Let me know when you are ready for me!Hugs!

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