Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Say NO!

So, anyone who knows me knows that I have a need to visit one of our 4-5 craft/scrap stores at least twice a week if not more. Leave empty handed you say??? AS IF!!! (Okay, throwback to the movie Clueless :) So, in the ATTEMPT to use some of the great supplies I am sitting on like a mama hen, I am boycotting all craft stores from now until I have made SEVERAL ( I know, subjective, but it's a start) new items from the supplies I already have! I am only going to buy something new if a custom order I receive calls for something I do not have on hand or unless the sale ad makes it's way into my hands with a 40% off coupon This is going to be BIG for me. If I can make it two weeks, it will be a miracle. (It will also be some nice extra spending money for Father's Day!) Still trying to decide if I am going ot apply this to online shopping too :) lol. So, have you ever boycotted anything? How successful were you? Any tips for the rest of us? (And as for my friend Raegan who will bust at the seams laughing when she reads this post, DO NOT ENABLE me, lol)


ms.cheryl said...

Why do we torture ourselves this way? Is there a SA meeting in your town? (Scrapper's Anonomous) . I have boycotted buying any new supplies until I get to the Great American Scrapbook Convention...and then it's all mine!!! I want a scor pal, some nestabilities, more copics, pretty paper, and on and on the list goes.
I could probably craft for at least 2 years with what I have in my craft room and closet with the exception of maybe adhesives. But thats no fun. LOL, ms.cheryl

Kendra said...

I have been having a hard time with this lately too! I seem to be addicted to paper... BTW check out my giveaway at

Mollie said...

haha that's hilarious... I should probably do the same. I spent sixty dollars today at Tuesday Morning and Hobby Lobby lol Good Luck!

RaeChelle said...

Well, as this friend Raegan is doing is LOL right now! Hmmm, I guess I won't tell you about some of the really cute things I found at ???? (fill in the blank) on Tuesday! Actually my addiction is not scrap supplies right now it's yarn, yarn and more yarn! It's crazy I can't get enough of it! My next will end of being fabric, but I'm trying to focus one area at a time. As for boycotting? Sure have done it and I'm mostly successful with it. I usually make it about 5 weeks and then I just go crazy, it seems I do better if I just go in a spend a little here and there as to the much larger one time purchases I make! But hey, at least I stay away for a bit right? I need to go to Archivers as they have 2 of the new lines from Doodle bug that scream summer and I just have to have it! Oh, did I just mention an actually store name to you? Love you, R

Karen L said...

Well, the only way I can manage to stop buying is by staying OUT of the stores and staying OFF of the online sites!! LOL! You know that anyone reading your blog is probably a shopaholic!!!

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