Thursday, May 14, 2009

Container Gardening!

So this post isn't reallya crafty one, but being a country girl living in a city with neighbors so close I sometimes freak out, I HATE the fact I cannot have a garden. (I can only see the faces of the Homeowners Association Board Members.) The neighborhood I live in is a newer area and my husband and I bring the average age of owners here down about 25 -35 years :) Matthew is the token child in the subdivision. We decided here though b/c of location, no outside maintainence on our part (HOA fees take care of landscaping, exterior insirance, mowing, etc), safety, quietness, etc. Still, NO farm though. :) All my life we have had 10-20 acre gardens. My grandparents, Mema and Pepa, the gpa who passed away last week, have gardened for a living for their entire lives with 30-40 acres of produce a year. So, buying veggies and produce at the store was a whole new world for me when I moved away from home! Used to, if I want cherries, I picked them off the tree, wanted strawberries, grabbed an old ice cream bucket and hit the patch, pulled a couple of ears of corn for dinner, and with 3 acres of bell peppers next to my house, stirfry was an easy fix. Not so much in the East End of Louisville, lol. So this year I decided to contianer garden on my back patio. My aunt has her own line of Herbs, Jams, Jellies, and Breads and she grows a lot of things in containers (But she hsa a full garden). A few weeks back I planted, strawberries, broccoli, 4 kinds of peppers, and green beans on my patio. They have taken off and I am SO excited. Makes me feel a little closer to my mom and dad. I never got to tell Pepa, but he would have been so proud!!! Mathew and I enjoyed a fresh red strawberry the other day and watching the changes day by day are nuts! I will have to stake my greenbeans soon! They are already out of control! So, do you garden? If so what is your favorite thing to grow?


Jennifer said...

Love the patio garden :) I don't have a garden, I go to my mom's to get the "fresh veggie fix". My favorites are green beans and squash.

ms.cheryl said...

When I was 6 my grandparents gave me a row in the garden and I planted potatoes. The harvesting was my favorite. I've always loved digging up potatoes. ms.cheryl

Karen L said...

Love your patio with it's little strawberry garden! We just planted some tomatoes and zucchini a couple of weeks ago and are hoping for more success than in the past! I love container gardens...less work!

RaeChelle said...

this was suppose to be the year I started my garden and once again the window of opportunity is passing me by! I still might go get a few tomato plants as Doug loves tomatoes and I hate to buy them in the store as they really aren't very good anyway! So if I get to Lowe's or Home Depot this weekend, we will have tomatoes this summer! Maybe next year I'll have the real garden!

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