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Guest Blogger Sunday: ms cheryl: Something New...

Hey readers! I am going to be asking some of you from time to time to chime in and write a post for the blog! Sunday will be Guest Blogger Day here at 62Cards and I hope you all enjoy!! If you would like to be a guest blogger, email me at and let me know! We can brainstorm topics, techniques, and more!! Have a great holiday weekend and keep in mind the reason for the holiday :). Love- Sammye Jo

Hello! Sammye Jo invited me to be a guest on her blog, my name is Cheryl Yelverton. I sign as ms.cheryl because there are several Cheryl's out there so this cuts down on the confusion.I am 52 and a single mom of a son that just had his 24th birthday yesterday and a 19 y/o daughter that is in college. I am mom to a fat white cat called IRS (IRIS). She was born on April 15th(tax day) about 11 years ago. I am grand mom to a 2 year old gray cat that could not go to college. She keeps me on my toes. I live in the country and I love to watch birds and butterflies. I have a small pond out my back door and I could sit forever and watch the koi and listen to the water except the mosquitoes would devour me if I stayed too long. I had a knee replacement in January and will return to work in July. I am a cardiac intensive care nurse at a major medical center here in Shreveport. I have worked there 25 years. I tell people "I mend broken hearts" when they ask me what I do.

I have recently become very interested in cardboard art. It started with seeing some art by Donna Salazar with Prima and developed into a new love for me. When I first started painting on cardboard I got a little over zealous and my cardboard warped. Most of my lessons in crafting have been the "trial and error" method and it was certainly that way with cardboard.

Lessons I've learned with cardboard:

* Less is more when it comes to wet substances like paint or mists.

* Let each layer dry before adding the next. I haven't tried a heat blower.

* Ripping the top layer of paper off is really therapeutic but can be messy. Don't rip it all off. It adds more interest to see some of the corrugations and some of the flat surface.

* If it tries to warp let it dry completely then spritz water lightly on the back and place it on a flat surface with a heavy book on it til it dries. You can use a phone book or dictionary.

* Be sure to finish the back as well so it looks complete. I paint about 1 inch inward all the way around and let dry. I usually write a sentiment on a 12x12 piece of matching cardstock (match the paint) and adhere it to the back overlapping the painted edge.

It's a nice finishing touch.I hope this might inspire you to play with cardboard. You could use it as a stand alone art piece or as a front/back to a mini album. Think about it before you throw away that next box or box insert. It's a way to recycle and reuse. We must consider trying to cut back on waste.

Happy crafting, ms.cheryl


NIfty said...

Oh my this is so interesting and i'm thinking of all the possiblities. I love it ! Going to find some cardboard right now !

Karen L said...

Gorgeous!! It's great getting to know about you. I always see your posts and wondered where you live! I am a huge user of recycled products in my crafting but have to say that I haven't used corregated cardboard yet...just old cereal boxes and plastic packaging. After seeing your amazing creations, I'll be looking at corregated cardboard in a whole new way!

EverImprovingMe said...

Ms.Cheryl I love your pieces. they are terrific!

Michelle (from Ky) said...

What a great post! The middle piece is definitely my favorite.

SHartl said...

Those are all so cool looking, who would have thought to use regular old cardboard! Just shows that an artist sees with new eyes!

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