Friday, May 15, 2009

Changes, Crop, and Fun!

A few changes around here. I have added a Flickr Badge to the right so everyone can upload their projects using items you've bought from 62Cards. I will be posting pictures and such there as well! Big scrapbooking day tomorrow. I am participating in a fundraising crop as both a vendor and scrapper. My sister is coming with me and we hope to work on our Cruise albums. (Hope :) What are you up to this weekend???


ms.cheryl said...

It's suppose to storm this weekend here, YUCK. I have to do some housework. That is double YUCK. I want to set down with my cigar box I started when I went to Gotta Scrap in Rockwall,Texas. I need to paint the edges and once it is dry I will adhere the metal to all sides. I may line it with some cutesy fabric. It's going to be a goodie box for myself. I also started a chineese lantern from a kit I bought from Dale McLain from Sea Dream Studios. I never do a kit like it's planned. I think the only thing I've used from the kit is the frame structure. I'm a slow crafter, I like to do a little then sit back and study my project. Many times I don't have an end in mind. I work until the end produces itself. This drives my daughter crazy. I think its fun, this way there's always a surprise in it for me.
Be blessed, ms.cheryl

Dionne said...

Hello - i found your blog through Etsy, I just wanted to let you know that I love your projects on here!

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