Monday, May 18, 2009

Just another Manic Monday :)

Busy week! My husband is having surgery Thursday, just an exploratory one to try and get a better read on what parts of his back his bigger surgery later this summer will cover. Nonetheless, a surgery though, so prep, procedure, and recovery time, UGH! I will try and get a post done late Wednesday night though so you will have a read :) (I always feel like I am cheating when I do that, lol!) Oh- DON'T forget about the RECYCLE, REUSE CHALLENGE for you guys!! End of the month is the last chance to enter! Please share it with others! I already have some great entries I know you will love!!!Also- remember Flat Rate Shipping Special in my shop to make way for new items!!! More on that tomorrow!! Anyone planning to enter than just hasn't sent me their entry?? Post nad let em know so I will be watching :)


RaeChelle said...

If I ever get around to creating this week then I'm in! But you never know, I have SO much on my plate, but nothing as serious my dh having surgery! Let me know if you need anything!!!

ms.cheryl said...

I still plan on showing you my cardboard art.
You know men make the worst patients... get prepared. You need the remote handy, a bed tray, a bell or the baby monitor works great and SUNSHINE. I wish you both well and a peace from within. ms.cheryl

Karen L said...

Thanks for the reminder. I have some projects to enter, but need to take photos and email them.!

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