Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great times, people, causes, and FUN!

Happy Sunday!!!! The crop yesterday was so much fun! If you live in the Louisville or surrounding area, you really shoild join us next year! Good people, GREAT cause, and a lot of fun! What more could a girl ask for???/ So highlights- Met an adorable little boy named Travis who is involved with the OWL organization we raised money for. He was such a wonderful spirit and of course won bonus points for telling me I was Beautiful :) (Who wouldn't melt when a 13 year old tells you that???? :), Got to hang out with my sister who came up for it. She scrapped her very first OFFICIAL scrapbook :) She is like me, we made "scrap" books for years, fun never with the right tools and items (you know, acid and lignin free, with a design in mind, basically without Elmer's. Crayola, and Construction paper :) Now, I have got her all set up and she completed 11 pages and is hooked! She had me cut her out some more die cuts with my Cricut Exp before she left this morning :), got to see some great friends :) and made some new ones! Like Mollie of The Jelly Bean Joint, another etsy store! More on her and her store to come later, LIKE A GIVEAWAY! :)
So, busy but wonderful weekend! Matthew, Dana, and I watched a movie last night, ate some pizza and then bedtime as all 3 of us crashed. I forgot to tell the hubby goodnight! (He is still asleep, so he must have been up a while!)
So, my question for you: What are or what is a favorite blog(s) of yours? I love adding nwe ones to my roll! So, SHARE :) for us all to read!!! (I am making a list of some new ones for you later today!


RaeChelle said...

I had a blast yesterday too! Such great people! Honestly though SJ I think Travis paid me a better compliment when he said "you are cool" and then he add beautiful! LOL I think he won our hearts yesterday! Who took the pics of you and Dana with Travis yesterday as I would love that one to be posted!

As for fave blogs, this is the one I told Mollie about yesterday:

And then there is yours that I follow nearly everyday and Amanda P. over here:

I just found this one Friday and really like, if you like sketches this one might be for you:

I know there are more, but these are the ones I visit most of the time!


Mollie said...

yay! I had a blast the other day too :) By the way, it didn't rain on my way back home either, it ended up being really nice so that was a plus. I made it back just in time to meet up with Eric and his brother to go out to dinner. Good times.

A couple of my favorite blogs are:
Elise Blaha
She's so talented and I love reading about her day to day life as well as her very unique craftiness. (BTW, she's running a second workshop for a second time right now... I took it and it's pretty sweet. Lots of amazing techniques I never even thought of before!)

Elaine Read has a cute little blog too... She's always posting something inspiring and she's so positive all the time it makes me motivated to get things done!

And I just found this blog today
It's just hilarious... Ya gotta check that one out...

Okay, I'm done writing a book now lol wooooo!

p.s. I def. gotta plan a day or two to come down! yay!

Karen L said...

Your crop sounds wonderful! I only make it to one crop a year...a 4 day retreat with friends every January. But I have been playing with my supplies all day today and actually did 5 layouts this past week!
So are you going to show us some of your layouts on the blog???!

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