Monday, December 15, 2008

Just another MANIC MONDAY!

Okay, it's only 12 minutes into Monday and I am already flooded with the to do list I made myslef of things to do before Christmas........and I will remind you that it is NEXT WEEK. UGH. We had Christmas at my Grandparents Saturday and it was relatively pun intended. (yet it was still The best part of it all was watching Matthew open his presents and get so excited. This is the first year he cares. He was 4 months at his 1st Christmas and 16 months last Christmas. Now, he get's it. This year the presents were more fun than the paper. He was poiled, as always. I thank my family for that. I DO NOT, repeat DO NOT thank my uncle Mark for the Sabre Sword. May I inform you that I have already been hit in the head while making lassgna tonight.

I do have a new card to post about- I'll do that later today!

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