Saturday, December 6, 2008

here comes santa claus...

I fell in love for these little guys! I am making them as sets in little sannta tins to sell in my shop. I know I will use them on my Christmas scrapbook pages too and probably as a hostess gift. A set of 6 in a tin is only $3.99. Pretty reasonable I think since they take a few minutes! One person from today's comments will win a Santa Claus tag set! Comment away!! (And check back tomorrow for the winner!)


Sally said...

These are super cute! I never come up with such good ideas on my own.

Lovie said...

How cute. I could see them hanging on the Christmas Tree. My dog tried to eat one of the glass balls on the tree a couple of yeas ago, so I went to fabric decorations across the bottom half of my tree. . . you have given my ideals, and now I will be adding paper decorations also. Merry Christmas.

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