Tuesday, December 9, 2008

jewelry pouches galore!

I love these jewelry pouches! I have one wrapped under my tree for my little sister, she's 25, and one on it's way for me! The quality is amazing! Ann does a wonderful job! Here is what Ann from greenwillow says about her pouches and pattern, "I always love to hear that people are pleased with the jewelry pouches - I enjoy making each one. I got my pattern from a lady who's now 89 years old. Over the years she made many of them, but she lives in a rest home now. Anyway, it's an old pattern and has really been tried and proven many times."

Head over to http://www.greenwillow.etsy.com/ and see them for yourself!


Karen said...

those pouches are really well done!

Lovie said...

You are right it will make a great Christmas gift. I love the red/white, mostly because of the contrast of the two fabrics.

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