Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Housekeeping notes :)

Hola! Just a couple things real quick. ONE- Several of you loved the paper I used in the bookmark earlier today. There is no ribbon, JUST paper! I cut it into strips! How cool! The papers are American Craft's County Fair Collection and they are only $.60 a 12x12 sheet in the Die Cuts R Us store (sale of 40% off!!!) So, head over and pick them up if you likes and tell her I sent ya :)

Number TWO: Welcome to the new followers!!! PLEASE leave me a link to your blog in the comments so I can come visit your blog!!! That goes for anyone who doesn't see me commenting on your blog! If I don't comment regularly on your blog it is probably b/c I don't have your blog address! SO, leave it! I would love to follow and comment!!! I try to respond to most comments via email, but a lot of times when I hit reply in my email you don't have an email associated with your comment name so it tells me noreply@bloger...blahblahblah. ! REMEMBER only those who are followers in the box to the right are eligible for my giveaways. It's only fair :)

THREE: Carole'Anne who commented the other day- I want to respond to you, but I have no email or blog address. PLEASE leave it or email it to me! I really appreciated the comment!

And NEWBIE Lauren who just found me today: Thanks for your sweet comments! I look forward to "seeing" you around here!!! Thanks for sharing my blog with others too!

Good news- all card swap and image girls- you should all have your packages by the first of the week!!! SO exciting! I have learned a few things. Some of you didn't dsend postage, so no envelopes with cards, etc. So, if you didn't send envelopes with your cards, you aren't getting envelopes back since it wasn't fair for me to send your cards to others w/o envelopes. If you didn't send postage, I have fronted it THIS time only. I know we all get busy, so no worries! A couple of you didn't send enough postage, ranging from 10 cents to 75 cents, but I took care of it.

Local girls who participated in the swaps, email me and I will drop off your items or we can meet sometime! (Jana- I got your swap scrapbook pages, but I need you to email me please so I can get your info. No need in paying postage since we live in the same city!!!

Okay- That's all for now :) I know it was a lot. I have fought a migraine all day today and just now got to sit and post. I hope it will stay away so I can get soem crafty stuff done tonight :)

Love to you all!!!!

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phonelady said...

Crack that whip girl LOL !!! I know you live in louisville and I loved living in lexington ky but just could not find a job there in lexy . I miss it but moving to ohio next yr in mar or april .

Karen L said...

OMG! Please tell me I wasn't one of those who forgot envelopes or didn't send enough postage?!! It's bad enough that you have to put in all the work for the swap but to get stuck with postage is just too much.

Mary said...

I have to agree with Karen. I hope I wasn't one who didn't send you enough postage. I had the postman weigh the envelope with everything in it and put the same amount of postage onto the self addressed envelope. Thank you so much for doing this swap.


Amanda Profumo said...

SJ- can't wait to see all the swap goodies! I can swing by and get mine. I also want to talk to you about a special order! ;)
I'll email you!

craft_princess said...

Can't wait to get my images!! WAHOO!!


Kaytee said...

I am looking forward to maybe joining one of your next swaps!! I hope your migraine goes away quick!

Karen L said...

Yikes, I am really starting to wonder if I forgot to put in the envelopes now. I kept taking them in and out of the large envelope and then I had to add my stamped images. Honestly, my mind is just going these days!
Thanks so much for hosting this swap...I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with!

Tanya said...

Yeah!!I know I sent an envelope & extra postage- I am hoping it was enough... I am sooooo looking forward to getting my package! Thanks so much for organizing this, Sammye Jo!

Charlene said...

Hi Sammye!

I just love your site and all your creativity. You totally inspire me! I saw your housekeeping and I think I know Carole'Anne. Is this her blog?


She's in Greece with her daughter if that's the same one! :) I just started following her site recently because she inspires me too!

HERE is my link if you can stop by and say hi and leave a comment when you have time! :)

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