Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm on a roll!

I think this is my 3rd post within the hour! Can't sleep! Just wanted to share with you the banner I made for Matthew's party! I am offering these in my shop now and have MANY more designs I need to take pics of and upload! (I made a John Deere themed one for a retailer on Sunday afternoon and cupcake toppers to match! Too cute, but I am Ford, International, NH, kinda girl. If you don't know what I am talking about, then you probably aren't as country as I, lol. Yep, a tomboy in stilettos here :) The banner is staying on the mantle until after we get home from the hospital this weekend and then it is going in his room so we can practice spelling his name!

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Amy Croley said...

How unique! I would love to get some for my girls.

Kristen said...

Very Cute, now that I have a mantle, I see all sorts of fun projects for the future.
Great blogs. I love the idea of Crafts for a Cause.

Crystal said...

that banner is just adorable! i absolutely love it! you are sooo creative girl!

Amanda Profumo said...

SJ- that banner is precious! I love it!

Amber said...

Oh how beautiful! Love all the pretty colors! I've never tried a banner, think I might have to make one:)

Terria said...

Wow how creative, I really like this:)

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