Saturday, August 1, 2009

Be back later, lol

I promise I will be back later in the day with a "great" lol post, but for right now, I am EXHAUSTED! With my husband having surgery this coming Friday, same day as our little guy's 3rd birthday, we had his party in my hometown this weekend. (Dustin doesn't have a big family at all, I DO! so it is easier to have it there!) He was spolied beyond spoiled and even ended the party after the gifts by climbing on the table at the restaurant and saying "Thank You everyone for everything. My presents too!" and then repatedly blwong kisses to everyone and throwing his arms up. A true showman! (My grandpa call him "SHOWBOAT" :)
ANyways- he stayed with mom and dad tonight and Dust and I drove back (about 1.5 hours) and I am READY for bed! So, later a better post, pictures, and the July Blog Candy Winner!!!! Happy August all! Love ya!

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Karen L said...

Sounds like a fun party and your little man is certainly the life of the party!!

Amy Croley said...

How funny! Your son sounds like a character.

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