Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Monday! & MERMAIDS

Wish I could say I was coming to you love from home, but most of you know I am at the hospital since hubby had surgery Friday. (This post is scheduled and I writing it on Thursday. Seems weird, lol!) On with the post!
MERMAIDS! and lots of them! I had a customrequest from a super nice lady in New York a few weeks ago for 20 mermaids. She was makign her daughters party invites and need some fishy brunette cuties to finish them. My only complaint with some of the cricut carts are that you have to sometimes waste a lot of paper when making some of the layers. For example: Cut body out of the peachy, fine, BUT THEN all in one cut you get the tail, hair, top, and flower. Well I need 20 green tails, but not 20 green hairs, tops, and flowers! So, I have found a way to sometimes use those green or other color cuts! For several of the bikini tops in the picture, I used the green ones and colored over them with Stampin' Writes from SU and then embellished them with Stickles! Hides the green pretty well. Another great way to hide the colors- Smooch. The pearlized Paint that looks like nail polish! I love this stuff! Have a great day everyone!!!

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Amanda Profumo said...

I LOVE those mermaids! So super cute!!!

EverImprovingMe said...

I hope your husband is doing well.

Elizabeth said...

The mermaids are so precious! You did a great job.

Amy Croley said...

The mermaids are fantastic!

Karen L said...

Awww, those mermaids are so cute! And had to laugh about all those left-over mermaid parts! I know just what you mean...after all, who needs a bunch of green faces or green hair?!!

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