Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christmas Posies and a Giveaway!

So I am kinda getting in the "I should start on my Christmas Cards" spirit. It seems that the closer Christmas gets, the more orders I am filling making others Christmas Cards and I end up doing mine online at Walgreen's the week before. (As long as my card to you is postmarked before the 25th, I am fine. One year I actually had my cards done and addressed in October. Sure was nice, but then I realized that I was that friend. The one who sent the first Christmas card and suddenly reminded everyone else that they were not on top of things like OCD me. Needless to say, I haven't doen it since, lol. Anyways, trying to use some paper up the othe rnight and made these Christmas Posies for the shoppe and I just love them. Again, simple but cute! I might just have a set for someone :) Comment and I will pick a winner. I want to know the ONE Christmas "thing" you hate doing the most. i.e. wrapping presents, finding boxes, taking down the tree, etc. Mine- FINDING THOSE GREEN TREE PINES EVERYWHERE 8 MONTHS AND 403 FLOOR MOPPINGS LATER. UGH!!!! :)
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Lilacanglia said...

beautiful flowers,

Mindy said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous! I love the traditions of Christmas, but it bothers me how the season can bring out the best AND the worst in people. I can't stand shopping then because people can get downright NASTY. Also, I actually have a very hard time scrapbooking Christmas so that stresses me out!

Yvette said...

Those posies are soooo cute!!! I must learn how to make those!

Ok now I'm hanging my head in shame :/ I HATE wrapping presents! Pretty shameful, eh? I will be more then happy to put the tree up or down, go shopping or cook but PLEASE don't make me wrap presents!!! Ha! Thankfully my husband Loves wrapping! :)

RaeChelle said...

I think the worse part is the present wrapping and that is only because I wait until Christmas Eve to do all of it! Each I think I will do a few each week leading up to the holiday and every year it's Christmas Eve. One of these days I'll get my act together! Cute posies btw!

Amy Croley said...

I grew up with REAL christmas trees. My family and I would walk the tree farm for hours fighting over which tree was the BEST. But it was always fun to take it home and decorate it. Now that I have my own little family, we have an artificial one. I hate putting it together and taking it down. Last year I vowed that from now on we will have a real tree! Btw, the posies are fantastic!

Miranda said...

Beautiful blog you have Sammye Jo! Love to follow you..

Amanda Profumo said...

LOVE those paper posies!
I love the holidays... baking, making gifts, wrapping, shopping, etc. It is a wonderful season of family time!
Ok... my worst holiday chore? Finding a gift for my m-i-l. She has everything, needs nothing, is picky and nothing is ever "right".

Sara said...

what cute posies! i love them :)

the one thing for the holidays i hate to do is my last minute gatherings on christmas eve. i'm usually in the christmas spirit and you always run into "that guy" who makes you want to forget all about santa coming so you can trip him for being a ding dong lol. i completely sympathize with the cashiers and allow them to take their time- i've been that cashier.

well, enough of that lol. good luck to everyone and have a great night!


Karen L said...

Love the posies. They would look so cute on a package, nestled in among a bright red bow, or on a card!
As for my least favorite part of the's shopping for gifts! It used to be fun when I bought goodies for kids, but now my kids and nieces are adults and everything they want is astronomically expensive, or they just want money! Not fun to give at all!

Tere said...

I hate when Christmas is over I have to put everything away. I love it when I have all my decorations out and the tree looks so pretty.

Crystal said...

these are so pretty! i just love the paper you used! i so need to get started on mine, but always have something else i am working on instead! going to promise myself to start no later than the middle of september...or maybe the first of october! LoL! hugs!

Terria said...

Love the flowers, I am actually working on some Posies myself for a swap over SCS and the thing I hate most is the clean up after Christmas dinner the dishwasher is never big enough to get the job done for me ;)

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