Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tell It All Tuesday :)

Good Tell It All Tuesday :) It's that time of the week again! Let's share our tips, tricks, fav's, and know how! Who knows what me might learn! This can be craft related, children, kitchen, life, WHATEVER goes! Just TELL us!!!!! Can't wait to read your comments! (You can read my response in the comments too!)
Today's Tell It All Question:
What has been your "15 minutes of fame"?
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EverImprovingMe said...

My 15 min of fame would be winning your R&R contest! *grin*

Terria said...

My 15 minutes of fame would be winning the top of cupcake craft weekly challenge. I was so happy I posted it everywhere on my facebook , twitter and even sent my husband an email of the great news :)

Michelle (from Ky) said...

I have been very lucky when it comes to milking my 15 minutes....I was the runner up in an Epson Printer sponsored Christmas Craft project. My project was even featured on their website!

Dianna said...

15 minutes of fame has to be .... being pregnant with/raising my identical twin boys. It's rare that I can make it through the store without being stopped!

Ms. Cheryl said...

My 15 minutes of fame would be when I opened an email from Cheryl Darrow of Ten Seconds Studios that said she voted for my cardboard art in the recent R&R challenge "because it was the best". It's one thing for your family and friends to vote for you and compliment your work but it's THE BOMB when one of the leaders in the crafty world does it. It made my day!! ms.cheryl

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

I need to hang around you all some more :0 See, I DO know famous people :) My 15 - I was an original Coyote at the Nashville bar. I got to do the whole selection, dance training with Jacque, opening, etc. Well, CMT came to do a show on the new bar, the Coyote Ugly legacy, etc and I was on it :) I had so much fun working there. The girls and Lil' were the best! OH- I also got to dance to the Devil Went Down to Georgia for the opening of Monday Night Football when MNF came to town for the Titans. My pink cowboy boots rocked it :)

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