Friday, June 12, 2009

Journaling Sprouts!

Just wanted to share. I have become a big fan of a new line called Jillibena Soup. I think what I love the most is that it is printed on recycled paper and they seem to love kraft as much as I! Well, over on their blog, they are hosting a contest for getting creative with their Jourmaling Sprouts.
Well, I had made this for Matthew one day and have decided to enter it! It's a match game!
I used the sprouts to decorate the board and as the cards. I attached sprouts behind doors with removable tape and I can change out the sets of matching items so the game doesn't get boring. I have a set of sprouts with letters, with colors, with items, etc. I store them in an envelope on the back of the board! They are the perfect size!

Who said sprouts had to be JUST for scrapbooking! I also used Jillibean Soup Bean Sprout Ribbon and Alpha Bean letters! So good luck to me and Matthew's Match Game!!! :)


Karen L said...

What a wonderful project and use of the Sprouts! How can you NOT win?!!!

Deanna said...

Wow totally cute!

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

Thanks! He loves it! It has proven to be a great quiet time activity for us I hang it up in his room when we aren't using it nad it looks cute hanging too, lol!

RaeChelle said...

that is the cutest! LOVE it SJ! You ROCK!!!

ms.cheryl said...

That is such a brilliant idea. I love that you can change it out so he doesn't get bored with it. ohhh Bible verses would be good here too!!! This would be a good VBS tool... the ideas are sprouting... ms.cheryl

Maggie said...

Thank your for your lovely comments on the tutorial.

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