Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tell It All Tuesday

Good Tuesday everyone. Tuesday's are now decicated as Tell It All Tuesday :) Every week there will be a new question. I am really trying to get into a routine with some sort of "Blog Organization". So far, we have Guest Blogger Sunday, Tell It All Tuesday, and Saturday Spotlight! Progress ;) SO, let's share our tips, tricks, fav's, and know how! Who knows what me might learn!
Today's Tell It All Question:
What is the best organization tip you've got!???
This can be craft related, children, kitchen, life, WHATEVER goes!
Just TELL us!!!!! Can't wait ot read your comments!
(You can read my response in the comments too!)
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62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

Here are my fav's:
* I use matching baskets in my bathroom closet to organize all the extras we have- one for soaps/washes, one for lotion/sprayables, and one for hygeine items like toothpaste/ deodorant/cottonballs. So much easier to find what you need rather than looking under the sinks or through stacked piles!

Crafting Organization: I use 2 wall hanging plastic fishbowls to store my ribbon on my walls. When I need to use them, I just grab it off the wallget what I need and then hang it back up. They look really cool and funky too!

EverImprovingMe said...

I use book shelves with clear plastic containers to store my already cut up materials by types so that I can easily see what I am looking for. I keep sandwich bags parts in one, snack bag parts in one, sachet parts in one. It helps me to see right away what I want to find.

Michelle (from Ky) said...

This may see, kimd of obvious, but remove all the outside packaging before putting new stuff away. Alot of bling, chipboard, paper etc have lots of wrapping that adds size. When you remove it you take up less space. This usually also works for: food (multiples in one pack), and bathroom items.

Beth Perry said...

My mom actually has sooooo many clear acrylic stamps, we didn't know what to do with them. So, she got a bunch of those thin, clear plastic jewel cases (that hold CDS...the ones that are flat) and put her stamps in there. It's perfect, the stamps stick to the inside of the case and they are easily organized (by category). Then,she has a jewel case holder for when she needs to travel with some.
Hope this makes sense...kind of hard putting it into words. lol

Cristina said...

HI, I use 8 x 12 paper holder boxes for my cardstock I bought two huge sets at a local yard sale it holds like 24 slots in it set...so I have a lot of space for paper..lol and my husband put up the metal shelves you can buy at any local home depot and made shelves to hold all my tubberware drawers...if any of that made sense..it really works well ..lol Cristina

The Spanns said...

Plain and simple. Put it away when you are done with it! When everything has it own place and you know where it is, it is much easier to find it.

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