Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bracket Challenge and Fab memories!

I have been blessed to have some really wonderful people in my life both past and present. It's crazy to think that there are sorority sisters of mine that I can pick up a conversation with after not talking, other than facebook of course :), for years and for the moment, we are 21 on the sorority floor living a couple doors down from each other again.  I love that. I mean I really love that.
Well, this opportunity came about just as randomly as my last paragragh.
If you have been around here long, you know that as crazy as I am about crafting, I am equally as crazy about sports. About any sport.
Except golf.
I'd rather watch grass grow.
(With the exception of Happy Gilmore. :)
You see, there is a new blog in town, Our Cup Runneth Over. (after you read this, run over there and tell them hi and mention you came from 62Cards :) You'll get the VIP treatment. LOL, okay maybe not, but it sounded good. )
Not new bloggers, but a new collaboration by fabulous bloggers that is such a great daily read. 2 of the 4 happen to be college sorority sisters of mine and I could not be more proud to say "I know them!!!! I really know them!!!!" (This in the tone of Will Ferrel in Elf :)

The 2 fab sisters of mine along with 2 other wonderfully talented ladies asked me to be a part of their March Madness Brackett Challenge.
I had to think about saying yes for about 1.2 seconds :)
SO, head over there, follow them on Facebook and Twitter and download your bracket :) And for those of you who "don't do sports" - you'll love their blog and daily musings, even if you don't download a bracket :)
Have a great day! See you all tomorrow for the winner of the stamp giveaway!!!

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