Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doctor Day and Easter Pic ReCap :)

Hi all! Off to doctora appointment snad such for Dust today. A new surgeon to get his opinion on where we are right now! He can say the same thing, or something different, and we'd be happy either way. It is close to impossible to get another surgeon to look at you if you have been operated on by another surgeon before, much less 3 times (Surgeon A did the cervical disc replacement/fusion and then the 2 lumbar sugeries in Aug and Nov.)  Not to mention that surgeon a's office is telling us there are even more problems. We go back to surgeon a next week. Oye Vey.
So, just a quick picture from the weekend. Easter was a blast with all my family. Aftet church, we managed to grab a snapshot of my immediate fam. (Minus Dustin who couldn't travel the hour and  a half to my parents. :(
Dad manged to somehow change clothes after church before we could get the pic!!!! Grrr.... he looked so cute in his orange shirt, LOL.

Here is me, my mom, sister, monkey, then Dad and the eternal boyfriend-in-law, Luke, lol. I don;t know if they will ever get married HA! We give him a hard time, but we love him.  It's just now getting easier to take these "family" shots without my brother. It's taken 4 and a half years for us to be able to say "Family Picture" and not cry.  I have no doubt that he was with us on the beautiful day. Love you Matt.
And just a couple more from the day:
On his new tire swing from Nana and Papa!
ANd opening the eggs with Macee (AKA RooRoo, my parents doggie and best friend to my little guy :) We hid roo her own eggs this year filled with doggie treats. She LOVES egg hunts :) She would pop them open, eat her treat, and move on, LOL!
and monkey was spoiled by everyone who walked into the house :)
Have a fab day guys!
Update later!!


Susie said...

Great photos.

lundgren79 said...

any kid who can do Easter in a cowboy hat gets my vote for cutest picture ever!!! Thanks for the post, it is definitely a day brightener.

craft_princess said...

Great pics...The dog looks so cute in those bunny ears...and that is so cool that she does the egg hunt! Your little munchkin is just as adorable as always! :)
I hope next time your hubby can be well enough to travel so he can be in the picture too...I'm sure that has to be hard on all of you. Good luck today at the docs!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh i hope everything goes well with the dr's....i have had the same operation on my arm 9 times...and i know what u mean about finding another surgeon who will take on someone who has been operated on before...good luck with is sooooooooooooo hard.. *sigh* ...anywho...I loveeeeeeeeeeee the photos...and I see the doggy got bunny ears just like my Mr. Dandy! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Crayola58 said...

I hope that the medical issues for Dustin are at long last put away and he is walking with a bounce in his shoes. The photos are so great, loved the family group, and oh my the dog with the bunny ears is cute cute.

Amanda Profumo said...

All of your Easter pics are priceless! Love the dogs bunny ears, so funny!
Love you!

Karen L said...

Will Dustin's medical problems ever be taken care of satisfactorily?? You both have just been through it all and I really do hope things improve SOON!
As for your Easter family very sweet! Your little guy is the cutest cowboy ever!

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