Monday, January 4, 2010

Great deal on some calendar blanks!!!

Well, January is EARLY so, there is still plenty of time to make a calendar for those you love. I am about to give you an amazing link where you can buy 8x8 blanks for only $3 each and the best part- they are already dated, bound, and thin enough so when you add your scrappiness to them, they aren't too bulky. I personally bought 8 of these from her and love them! I am planning to finish a couple for early Valentine's Day presents and already gave 2 away for Christmas! So if you need blanks! Go HERE!!! Jacque is wonderful adn I know you will love her too :)

You have seen the bottom one before, (this time I included Matthew's being a goofball :) but the top was for Dustin's grandma!!


craft_princess said...

These are lovely and once again Matthew is so stinkin' cute! :P

laterg8r said...

great idea and so economical :D

lundgren79 said...

Not bad! Great deal! Thanks!

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