Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blogger Answers & Creative Memories :)

I have had several of you ask or comment about the 3 column blog. Well, I was told by a blog designer they would do it for $15. NOPE. I will figure it out myself!!! So, after reading up on it some, I found super great steps HERE at Blog Buster and I did it all myself and saved $15 :) Takes about 30 minutes to do alone or an hour to do with a three year old on your lap :) (AKA My situation :)
If you do it, let me know!! I'd love to see it!!

Also, if anyone is needing a FAB Creative Memories consultant, my friend Erin, mommy of 4 and super sweet girlie :), would love to help you out! She has been a consultant for a while, but I haven't ever mentioned it. Don't know why not! We go to church, MOMS group, Bible Study together and I she is bringing me a couple of the CM paper trimmers to look at. I've been eyeing a couple new ones, and I am trying to make a decision!!! Anyways- here is her website! Visit her and email her if you ever need anything!!!!
Have a great night everyone!!!!!


Yvette said...

Hey girl! After seeing how GREAT your blog looked I finally broke down and googled how to do the 3 column thingy and so happens this is the exact same website that I found and was able to convert mine over. Easy!!! Now I just need to learn how to do a banner! :)

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I love your 3 columns, so I intend to read up and see if I can give it a try. Will let you know if/when I get brave enough!!

lundgren79 said...

Being Frugal in 2010, way to go! New set up looks great!

craft_princess said...

Thanks for the information!

stamprgrl said...

good for you girl... I did it myself too... and yes, w/ a 3 yr old around you is about that long... good estimate... LOL!!!!

-- dalis

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