Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What are you working on right now??

So, we all have a billion things going on everyday, but what are you working on this week? I'll go first, you follow suit!
1. Continuing th epotty training of my 2 1/2 year old munchkin. He hasn't had diaper on since last Monday. He hasn't had an accident on me yet! I am SO proud of him.
2. Crafting!!!! I have several special orders I am getting them all done one by one!
3. Starting to plan the items I am making for an upcoming fundraising crop.
4. Going to the doctor Wednesday with the hubby.
5. Doing some designing for Studio 62, we have some new patterns on the way for retailers and I need to make some specs to tweak!
6. Oh yeah- the everyday chores of a home- cooking, laundry, etc. Ahhhh. some things never change!!!

So, whatcha up to!


RaeChelle said...

Hey SJ! I'm not doing too much today myself, no kids at home, yippie! Colored the hair, working on b-day invites, cake toppers and goody bag toppers for I's birthday, thanks to you! Looking forward to getting that time to craft! You inspire me! Keep it up!

ms.cheryl said...

Well let me see...
Since my knee replacement I have physical therapy every mon/wed/fri.
Wed and Sun there is church. Choir also on Wed night and an extra Bible study on Sun afternoon. I've had my nights and days a little topsy turvey since my surgery so I do most of my creating after 6pm. Some mornings I don't get to bed til 2am-5am, it's CRAZY. I can't work in the yard yet so I watch some reruns of 7th Heaven, MASH, and Golden Girls. This weekend my BFF is coming and we are going to do alot of BFF stuff. We don't have an itenerary yet but we plan on staying close to home so we don't have to spend much on hotels. Off to PT now, ms.cheryl

Karen L said...

I have to say that I have a huge list of to-do's but not getting through too many of them.
I DID get around to sewing 2 place mats yesterday to replace my very tattered old ones.
Spending too much time on the computer but I hope to do a scrapbook layout later this evening. I am just amazed at all you get done in a day!

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