Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy Busy!

This week has been spent potty training a 2 1/2 year old little boy, creating new projects and items for MY SHOP, getting things ready for a May scrapbook crop, buying my sister's birthday gifts and planning a day with her, a husband having muscle spasms from pain treatment shots (his list of medical problems is extensive, poor guy, only 27 and on heart meds, BP meds, not to mention the pain meds and relaxers. We replaced 5 discs in his neck in '07 at 25).

So, like the title says- BUSY BUSY. Good news, new cupcake toppers are being listed today. Little one has been diaper free for four days and has done beyond well. No night accidents, not one accident with me. (Thank you God, for making this transition easy on me!) Sisters gifts are done- I paid her Crop fee for a 12 hour crop, with me, and stocked her up on scrapbook supplies like paper, glue dots, photo mounts, embellishments, etc. and got her a new album that she will love.

So, what's the best birthday gift you have ever gotten? I am pondering this one myself! Off to take little guy to the zoo today!


ms.cheryl said...

My daughter ( about 13 at the time ) and I were shopping in Hallmark one day and she actually noticed my interest in a couple of paperdolls dressed in pretty hankies. I am always drawn to hankies when I am shopping in Antique shops and have about a dozen. She called her aunt and gave her all the details since she was too young to drive and didn't have any money. I was soooo surprised when I opened the gift and saw those cute paperdolls and I was very impressed and proud that she was mature enough to acquire them. My son (about 15 years old) made me a bluebird house by following directions in a book. Both of those gifts are my favorites. Thanks for asking, ms.cheryl

Karen L said...

Oh, I don't envy you, having to potty train your little boy! I had the tougheat time with my son and finally decided to let him tell me when he was ready. Thank goodness he decided at age 2!

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