Thursday, April 2, 2009


Time for a giveaway! There will be 2 winners! You will recieve some of these GREAT paper posies from Paper Cakes! What to do? Tell me you favorite thing about spring! This contest will be over ONE WEEk from today with the winner annouced next Friday! Chelsea from Paper Cakes will be choosing the winner! So, comment away, share this contest with your readers and friends, and good luck! Don't forget to check our Chelsea's cute shop!!!


Jamie said...

those are adorable!

my favorite thing about Spring is the WARM weather!! :)

ms.cheryl said...

Spring is my favorite time of the year so it's hard to pick just one.
A few of my favorite things about spring...little green buds on the trees...the buzzing of the bees on the wysteria...turtles all in a row on a log...the chirping of the birds in the early morning...BUT my special fave is when the bats return to thier house beside my driveway.thanks for asking, ms.cheryl

Kendra said...

These are so cute! My favorite thing about spring is the weather. I love the warm days with light breezes.

Karen L said...

Those are just so cute and perfect to use on layouts and cards!
Favorite thing about spring is all the flowers in my garden are blooming!

Ginny said...

I love the flowers coming in, grass turning green, the sun staying out longer!

Karen L said...

I'm wondering if the winner for this contest has been announced??

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