Monday, February 6, 2012

Frozen Sandwiches :)

Okay- a crafty post today, but not about paper crafts or parties :)
Now, many of you probably already know this or do this,  but it has been a wonderful addition to my routine!
Matthew goes to preschool 3 mornings a week. He takes his lunch and always wants me to pack a sandwich. I love the convenience of Smuckers Uncrustables, (I used to keep a box in the freezer just in case I got ready to fix a sandwich and was out of bread or tortillas, or for those mornings where everyone overslept :)
Well, no more! I discovered freezing snadwiches at the beginning of the school year and I love it! I will spend 30 mins on a Sunday night and make a whole loaf on sandwiches. Turkey, PB, PB&J, Ham, Roast Beef, Cheese, etc.  I then cookie cutter them (He LOVES me sending a shaped sandwich :) and put them each in a baggie and pop them in the freezer! In the mornings, I grab a sandwich, throw it in the lunch box with his fruit and juice/milk, and off we go! It thaws before lunch and tastes just the same! (Don't put mayo or anything on it or it will be soggy.)
I get to send the healthy sandwich I want, made with love :) and in a cute shape, but didn't spend any time on it that morning!  Best of all, I never let a loaf of bread go bad! I have about 15 sandwiches in the freezer as we speak :)
Happy Sandwich Making :)


Danni said...

I've heard of the cookie cutter before but didn't know that they would freeze so well! thanks for posting this!!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

what a great idea! Love it!

The Wallace Family said...

What a great idea...will definitely have to remember this when Kendall starts going to school! Thanks for sharing.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Always wondered if it changed the flavor/texture of the bread. I will have to give this a try! Thanks!

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