Saturday, October 30, 2010

SMILEY CARDS!- Party Pumpkin

I know! 2 posts in one day???? LOL. 
I couldn't wait to show you guys  acard I made with the NEW SMILEY CARDS cartridge you get with the Gypsy Download starting November 1st!!!
I was lucky enough to get to download it early and got my other 5 carts for free as well!
If you have a Gypsy, don't forget to register it by midnight tomorrow night! You DO NOT want to miss out on this promotion!
Smiley Cards has a lot of great all purpose card cuts on it! LOVE IT!
I made 3 of these cards a little bit ago to give to my grandparents tomorrow when we go trick or treating!
I cut everything at 3 inches. The card itself is a 6x6, I always like them to be big and fun for Matthew to give his awesome great grandparents! PP and all cardstock is from American Crafts! ANd seriously, I LOVE googly eyes :)
Have a HAPPY day everyone!
Taking the little guy to do bouncy jumps, trunk or treat, and eat some yummy food!

Barnyard Invites

Happy Saturday!  Woke up to a chilly morning, probably the coldest so far this season here in KY! Makes me want to hold my little guy and snuglle up with hot chocolate :)
I had a request for "Red Barn Invites" recently with a cow, horse, and pig! This is what I came up with!
 Sorry, don't want to open them up and reveal the party details and phone number of someone else!!! The barn swings right or left and shows the cute party message matted on bright yellow paper!
I hope their party is so much fun!
Anyone have any big plans today?
How is the weather where you live? I'd love to know!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Gypsy Updates!

Attention alll my Cricut lovers! Rembmer that if you have aGypsy get it registered tonight!!! The SIX free cartridge downloads are available starting Nov 1st! 1 of those is an exclusive cart "Smiley Cards"! I got an email today that I was one of the randomly selected Premier Charter Circle Members to get to download te carts tonight! So excited! I think I need to make something with the new cart now!!!! Be back!!!
Happy Friday! A lot of you probably have "spooky" plans! Ours are simple, a trunk or treat at a local church and then going to visit my family and "make our rounds" to see everyone and to let them see the monkey (who still doesn't know if he is going to be a football player, cowboy, or Hulk Hogan. I am voting cowboy, because I have that outfit down by now, LOL. Although the thought of him saying "Trick or Treat Brother!" like Hulk Hogan, makes me laugh everythime I think about it :)
Just a few pics of what I have been busy working on! Banners, Cupcake Toppers, and Journals!

I cannot believe it's the final weekend of October! Craziness!
Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party!

I LOVE it when little girls have a Minnie Mouse party!
I made this cute classic Minnie banner for an upcoming bday party! FUN!
I also have balloons in my artfire shop that match this perfectly! (Can't sell balloons on Etsy anymore! They won't let anyone! No fair :)!)

and most of you have seen my cupcake toppers :)
 I have seen soooo many cute things on Etsy for a classic Minnie Mouse birthday party!
Want to see some of them? These would make a FAB inspiration board!
Dress By Amacin via Etsy
Digital Invite by MelsLittleZoo via Etsy

Bath Mini Fizz by SugarandSpiceSoapCo via Etsy
Party Hat via GlitzGlamBowtique via Etsy

Visit these great sellers if you ar ein need of FAB Minnie Decorations!!!
And to close I have to share a super cute little Minnie :) She is the daughter of married friends of mine since middle school! How adorable is Miss Shelby!!!
And if you happen to need insurance and live in KY, give her dad a call :)

Have a fantastic day!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey Cupcake!

Real quick post :) I am off to put my little guy to bed and was just informed I am not reading 3 books tonight like usual, I am now reading 5 :)  ANyways- I made this late last night with my Imagine and the Kate's Kitchen Cart. I added Inkessentials Glossy Accent to the icing, eyes, and some of the background paper. The PP is Cosmo Cricket from the Garen Variety collection. The edges are inked with Tim Holtz distressed inks!
Love these little cupcakes!!!

Off to read Mercer Mayer's Just Go To Bed, I Was So Mad, Where the Wild Things Are, and who knows what else he has picked :) I love Mercer Mayer by the way! I remember my parents nad grandparents reading them to me and I still have a few of my original ones from when I was about 2 :) Love that!
Care to share a fav bedtime book of yours or your kiddos?? ALways looking for new ones around here!

Door Signs!

I recently was asked to make a 1st Halloween sign for a lady who had twin grandbabies! She wanted to put their pictures on it :) How sweet!  (I remember Matthew's first halloween! He was 2 1/2 months old and an adorable little cow if you ask me :)
(Saying, Bat and Hat from Happy Hauntings, Pumpkin from Doodlecharms, names from Don Juan cartridges)
Well she was SO sweet and I wanted to make the other side special too! So, I added this to the other side for her!
Now she gets 2 signs in one! I hope Ava and Ricky's 1st Holiday season is Grand!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Imagine- Box!

Hi everyone! Well, I was playing around on my Imagine and came acroos a CUTE box I knew I wanted to make! I didn't really care for the standard colors it came in, so I used the flood fill to change it to the cute polka dots you see :)
*Box and Pattern Paper both on the Imagine More Cards Cart for you Imagine users!) So far, no updates from ProvoCraft to make it where we can just change one section of this box- so if you don't like the way it flood fill it with a solid print!
Our neighbor is going through chemo and radiation for breast cancer and I wanted to fill this little guy with some hot tea packets to leave on her front step! I make it a point to make sure Matthew (my 4 yr old son for newbies) knows that we always help out others when they are sick and in need. We have enjoyed making them dinner, walking next door for a visit, making brownies together to take over, etc. Tomorrow- we will be taking teas in this :) For Users; the box is printed on American Crafts white cardstock, designed and printed at 8 inches. The finished size is apprx 5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and an inch and a half deep. Ribbon is pink satin from May Arts bought at  Great size for small little gifts, cookies, etc! The Letter is from Don Juan cut at 2 inches and fill with a pattern on the Imagine More cards cart :)
Have a great tomorow everyone!
Remember to do something to make someone else smile!

Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered my one day giveaway! I think I will do more like that! I am an instant gratification kinds girl :) LOL.
With 30 entries, I had to pick 2 winners voa
Congrats to Vanessa and Audrey! Email me at with your shipping address :)
More fun giveaways to come :)
Thanks for hanging out with me!
Here is a crafty project :)
Made for a baby shower sweets table it reads sweet baby reynolds  :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just because I love being spontaneous, how about a giveaway? Today! and only Today! :) No hoops to jump through- leave me a comment telling me your favorite halloween costume! It could be your kiddos, yours, a friends, etc. The more creative the better :) I'd love to read! (The winner will be picked randomly, not based on your answer, FYI :) (If you want to follow my blog too, I'd love it, but not required :)
I will have a little prize pack all ready to mail out tomorrow morning to the winner!
Winner can choose crafty supplies OR finished crafty gift! (I know some would rather just get a gift, and not so keen on the supplies part :) YOU CAN TELL ME IN YOUR COMMENT WHICH YOU WOULD RATHER RECEIVE! International readers included!
I will announce the winner later on tonight :)
Good luck!

All in One Place!

If you frequent Bloggy World, you have probably seen some of the great reviews done by bloggers for CSN Stores. I too love their variety of items from nightstands to  baby products, to cookware and beyond! Their selection really is endless!
If you haven't checked them out, you really should!
I even found some of the cookware I got for my wedding almost 5 years ago, that I cannot find anywhere else! I thought it was gone and I wouldn't be able to add more pieces and then WAH-LAH I ofund it there! Talk about one happy girl :)
Have a great day!

Friday, October 22, 2010


You've seen a project, a layout , and now I have 2 cards to share with you made from the Cricut Imagine!!
You know I had to add a banner of some kind :) Just as a reference for you Imagine users: the Make a Wish Title (Yummy Cart) was cut at 1.5 inches and it makes it fit the bottom of a 4.25 x 5.5 card perfectly! The pennants were cut at 1 inch! ANd see that middle cloud? It is actaully a scallop like frame shape that comes loaded onto the Imagine, I just cut the end off to make it look like a cloud! Add some sparkle gel pen and twine and ta da! 
AND simple, but fun! Another reference for Imagine users: The rick rack border (Yummy Cart) seen here is cut at 1 inch. It makes it just a tad bit longer than a 4.25 card, so it fits perfectly! I am not used to not knowing the length of something before I cut it, since I can change all of it with my Gypsy on my Expression, so this is a learning process :)
Enjoy the cards! See you back tomorrow!
(And On a personal note :) I took Matthew to the doctor today adn he just has a virus of some sort that is making his throat hurt, fever, etc. He said I probably gave it to him. UGH! I tried so hard not to, but with a 4 year old attached to your side.... it makes it hard!!! He'll be better in no time :) Thank you for your sweet well wishes!

Banner with the Imagine

I know, I know- this is my second post of the day :) I have to make up for being sick earlier this week! LOL. You can scroll down to see the quick LO I made! And there is another project at the bottom of this one! I had a couple emails about the Imagine and I wanted to answer them! Here it goes:
1) Did you buy your Imagine on HSN?
Answer: No, like a lot of people, I wasn;t sold right away and when it launched on HSN on Sept 14th, my husband asked if that is what I wanted on my birthday (which was the 18th!) I declined (Yes, hit me. I know.)  I wanted to wait to see what types of carts would be coming, what all it could do, and if I thought it was worth the investment. As a Cricut Circle member, they offered us a free cartridge for buying that night, which sweetened the deal, but I still resisted! Husband actually got it on eBay for a GREAT deal. Really crazy good! :)
2. What cartridges do you have for the Imagine?
Answer: I currently have Imagine More (which comes with the Imagine), Blossom, Elise, Blast Off, Country Carnival, Kate's Kitchen, Imagine More Cards, and Yummy. Hopscotch is next on my list for sure!
I don't buy carts that I will not use just to have them!
3. Do you like it more than the Expression?
That's a hard one b/c they are so different. I use my expression all the time. I buy my cardstock wholesale, so I have plenty of every color I need for projects, orders, etc. It is nice to sit down with the Imagine and not need to worry about any other paper the white cardstock!

I will answer the other questions you email to me on here too, just send them to :)

Now on to a project! I was asked to make a birthday banner to match a pink/green/yello farm/tractor theme. She sent me a copy of her invite and the rest was history!
I LOVE how you can get a layered look without the work of layering!!!!
Original Carts: Celebrations -  Imagine Cart: Blast Off
I hope little Addy Anne has a FAB birthday party this weekend!

Layout with the Imagine!

I am loving my new Imagine!
I seriously cannot tell you how fast and easy this LO was.
No searching for the right patterned paper I wanted, no hand cutting, no trying to find cardstock to match the letters I wanted to use. Nope. Nada, Nothing!
10 minutes flat. Seriously.
So, how? I used "old" cart Mini Monograms for the scallops, and the "new" Imagine cart Blast off for the lettering. The colors are customized and the photo mats are also done in the matching colors!
 I have made some other SUPER cute things to share with you this weekend!
How fun!!!
See you back tomorrow for more Imagine fun!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Have you missed me at all? I have missed you all! I can finally say that I am feeling better, though it has taken a bit! I can't remember the last time I was sick! No fun! And just when I thought we were out of the woods, my sweet little guy woke up a few minutes ago (it's 11:15pm now) and is running a temp. UGH! I have him sitting in my lap eating a popsicle watching the Upside Down Show :) Poor little guy! His friend who is staying the night is fast asleep in his room!
On to the crafty note! I have a new BFF :) My sweet and wonderful hubby who brought me home my first Cricut, an Expression, 2 years ago and a Gypsy a year ago, has out done himself :) I am the owner of the new Cricut Imagine!
(Can I just say it was MUCH bigger than I remembered and weighs more than my 4 year old I do believe :)
 After seeing it demo at CHA in Chicago, I was still not "sold" on it, and to be honest, when I took it out of the box, I wasn;t there yet either! NOW, after playing with it, I love it! I can see all kinds of possibilities! I cannot wait until it is fully functional with my Gypsy! I seriously LOVE my Gypsy and going from using it everyday to not using it with the Imagine- HUGE transition! Don't worry though- I have NO plans of getting rid of my Expression! There are WAY too many benefits to it and each machine is very different each has features I LOVE and others I wish I could tweak, so I will resort to how my mom always explained her love for her 3 kiddos, "I love you all equally, and for the joy you bring to my life individually and as a whole" Works here too  :)
ANd for those wondering- there are new carts. They do not work in the other Cricut machines, BUT ALL OLD CARTS work in the new machine!
Next post- a project with the Imagine!!!!!! YEAH!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Boo at the Zoo!

I am so sorry for being MIA. I have been crazy sick since Tuesday with the "Ohio Valley Flu" as we call it. Sinus infection and all the loveliness that comes along with it!
I did however manage to put on makeup, meet up with some of my friends from ym hometown at the zoo,  to take Matthew Trick or Treating.
I'll be back on schedule soon! Here's a few pics from our night!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flower Power

Where has the week gone? I will tell you alreayd that this post is prewritten. LOL. I have THREE, yes THREE 3-4 year old boys at my house today! Mine of course and 2 other's are here  since one of their mom's is on a field trip with a sibling and one had a work thing she was scheduled for! SO- pre planning is a must with that much energy! HA!

I made SO MANY of these for the craft fair I went to a few weeks ago! They are so much fun! These guys are on magnets, no pin holes for your shirt, bag, AND they even work in your hair :) Yes, I wear flowers in my hair about 4 days a week :) Life is too short to be boring :)

Have a wonderful day!
Do something nice for someone- like watch all the 4 year olds in the neighborhood :)
(On second thought- just bake the neighbors cookies!) JK

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ABC- for the girls :)

So I just couldn't resist making a girly version on the project I made for Elmers/Xacto challenge as seen here :)
I do love my pink and greens!
Now, if I only had a little girl so I could put it in her room :) LOL.
Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you have a great one!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey Pumpkin!

SO, there is a FAB challenge going on at!
You get a FREE halloween digi and if you enter the challenge, you have a chance at winning a free rubber stamp! I couldn't resist making a cute bag of candy and adornig the top with the cute digi colored with my copics!
Maybe b/c I spent the day with my parents, great aunt, the little guy, and my sister at the pumpkin patch :)

 Have a great day!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Winner's of 3 Giveaways from Elmers and Xacto

I know you are all SO ready to see the winners :)
If you didn't see my Elmers Craftbond/ Xacto challenge entry, you can see it here!
So, picking winners is a HORRIBLE task!  I want everyone to get a FAB box of goodies from Elmers and Xacto! SO, I had to spend for-ev-uh putting all you great peeps in a spreadsheet and then made the husband, from the comfort of his chair watching football pick a number from 1 to ever how many entries! Only fair way to give everyone a chance!!!  Now, as promised here were the guidelines for the 3 winners and THE WINNERS!:
1 winner  from those who are follower over there on the right and leave a comment!
Kristin said...
I am a follower and I love all of your creations:) I would love to win! What a great box of goodies:) Kristin Pinkldycrafter  October 4, 2010 1:46 PM

1 winner from those who blog about or facebook about and link to this giveaway!
Kandi Phillips!
Kandi Phillips said...
Sweet I am all set! Posted on my blog, and your facebook - too fun! I can't wait to see your project! October 3, 2010 11:39 PM

1 winner  from my facebook page! "Like" 62cards  and leave a comment on the wall!!!
Heather Vernau Gray  said...
What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!
October 4 at 6:05am
CONGRATS to everyone and THANK YOU to everyone who entered!
I will have another giveaway going live on WEDNESDAY! So, you might want to hang around for it too :) Winners: EMAIL ME YOUR CONTACT INFO AND SHIPPING ADDRESS PLEASE!

Wildly Fun!

I hope you each are having a wonderful start of the week!
We spent one day last week at the local zoo. One good thing about living in a decent size city is that we have a zoo 20 minutes away and the season passes come in handy!
Here my monkey and I are striking our very best pose :)
So, to go along with the picture, check out this zoo/jungle name sign I made for a customer last week :)
ANd a few more zoo pics to share :)
In front of the new seal and sea lion exhibit. I will be so glad when our polar bears come back from Columbus!!!
Livin' the good life :) 
 King Louie :) our albino alligator!
My lil super man :)
 Hope your week is a wildly fun one :)
Stop by later on today for the winners of the Elmer's Xacto giveaway! You still have time to enter!!! Go to the link at the top of the blog!

Thanks for stopping by!
Don't forget to sign up as a follower!