Sunday, January 30, 2011

Out of This World!

Hey my fabulous bloggy friends :) I hope you all are having a great Sunday. It is a gorgeous day here in KY and at a whopping 46 degrees, it calls for outside time! (Considering we had mulitple inches of snow twice last week!) That's just KY weather for you. It can be 70 one week and 6 inches of snow the next! :)
A fav local customer of mine had a party at the planitarium yesterday. She had asked if I could make some space like tags for her to attach to the astronaut food she was using as favors! Here is what I cam up with! (You can find the cuts on your Boys Will Be Boys cartridge!)
My little guy was a big fan of these!
Speaking of him, I got some good girl chit chat in Friday night when a good friens and her 3 kiddos came over to hang out and get crafty! The boys had a picnic of popcorn, popsicles, and juice in their pj's, with pillow pets,  watching movies, and playing! (Is that enough "p's" for ya? :)

I didn't get a lot done b/c I was too busy chatting and catching up with my girl :)
Hope you all have a great afternoon! Anyone working on anything special?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Classroom Candy Bags!

Happy Friday everyone! Spent the morning in the doctor with the hubby and then off to get my little monkey from preschool. He had a great day and LOVES his preschool! He goes 3 mornings a week from 9:30 until 1:00. One of those mornings I have Bible Study upstairs, (he goes to a fully accredited preschool at our church.) It is wonderful! If you are in the Louisville/So. Indiana area and looking for a FAB preschool, let me know! (There is a MDO starting at 6 weeks old too!) The other 2 mornings give me a chance to run errands, doctor appts, get some work done, etc. It helps SO much since I don't have my family up here to help out with Matthew when I need to do a few things.
Anyways! With preschool coming up I am always looking for something cute to give his 7 classmates. I have started playing around with ideas and even made a few sets to add to the shop. Be ready to see samples of what I will come up with :)
Here is the first set! I attached these to the cello bags with resealable strip at the bottom. Just fill up with candy, seal, and give :)

PP is Teresa Collins, CS is American Crafts and you can find the heart cut and shadow on the Doolecharms cartridge. I popped the heart and layers up on Elmers foam tape to add dimention! (Thank you ELmers for the big ole box of free adhesives to play with :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Purse Cupcake Toppers

Happy Thursday!
I had a fun custom request the other day! A client was throwing a Thirty-One Party. (A purses, totes, bags, monogrammable items, etc)
She wanted some cute cupcake toppers to go with her theme!
Here is what I came up with for her! I love the glitter!!
I have added these to the shop too. They would make a great addition to a DIVA birthday party, girls nite, etc!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My heart is hurting this morning. I am very blessed to have 2 best friends. One since high school and one since college. Both of these girls know me inside and out (and love me anyways). We have made so many memories together. I was in both their weddings, there for births of  children, and they have been there for me during the birth of Matthew and the loss of my brother. I LOVE them! Yesterday afternoon I talked to my best friend from home, she has 3 beautiful little ones and is preggo, about 12/13 weeks, before her doctor's appt.  We got read to hang up, I told her to have a great appt and I would call her later to see how it went. Well, this evening she gave me the heart breaking news that there was no heartbeat. She is so very distraught. I have lifted her up in prayer all night and still find myself not able to sleep thinking about her. She miscarried her first child. Had  a girl, boy, girl, and has now lost another little one. She has complete faith in God, but that does not make the pain any easier. So for all you out there who pray, please add my dear friend Lindsey to your list.
Lindsey, Me, and and 2 more of our closest!

Crafty posts will resume tomorrow. Today I just want to lift up my sweet friend.
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vinyl Jars!

Hey there!
I first apoogize for the bad picture, but as I was about to wrap these babies up, I realized I had not taken a picture! (B/C you know that is a must :)
I made these for Matthew's preschool teach, Director (which happens to be from my hometown, her brothers used to hang out with my dad and uncle in high school and her niece graduated with my brother! :), and asst. director (who's happens to be related to me on my maternal grandparents side, LOL) Seriously, you can move an hour and a half away from your hometown into the biggest city in the state and STILL find people that tie you to home! LOVE IT!!

I bought these jars at my second home...Michaels :)
I cut designs from vinyl and put them onto the jars, stuffed them with pretty tissue paper and tied with pretty bows! I added the designs to the top as well!
I love decorating jars! And you all know I love vinyl!!!! Here are a couple more projects I have done with vinyl! I am also going to look up the tutorial (Where I added vinyl to candles.) I made to show you who have asked how to use it with your Cricut!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Party Sign fun! Link up your projects!

You know I have an obsession with teh Create A Critter Cricut Cartridge, right? LOL
Well, here is another pieve of evidence to support that claim!

Isn't thsi party sign so much fun?????
If you have a Cricut and do NOT (gasp!) have this cart.....I would highly suggest you get it!!! There are a TON of fun things on it! Even if you have no kiddos! There are great uses for cards like Emily made, another card like Kristin made,  and
this cute gift bag Sandra made!
Have you made something fun with CAC? If so, link it up below to share with us!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Sunday!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone! Last week was a crazy week! I visited my parents, we had more crazy snow, one of the ignition coils went out on my Hummer (while I was at my parents) and LUCKILY my dad's go to guy for automotives was able to fix it, at 8:30 at night so I could get back to Louisville before the snow! Then USPS lost an Express Mail package to ATL (remember that cute Nautial Crew sign I showed you the other day??? Yep, that package. SO I remade the WHOLE order and reshipped it for the frantic mommy! She got it all! And to boot, USPS delivered the package finally on Saturday, a week and 2 days AFTER it was supposed to be there. (I overnighted it!!!!) Good news- mom has her bday decorations and the other box is being returned to me, AND I am getting a shipping refund from USPS.  Bad news....I now have a nautical banner and a sign with MACK on them to find homes for! Everything else can be resold!
Anyways! I have some crafty pics to share! And guess what I am doing today?? Working on orders AND making a few cards! I need some card therapy! When you get crazy busy, you realize that you need to take a few minutes and make a few thigs that make you smile :)
Speaking of smiling... I can't look at these new hats without smiling! I had 15 ordered for a party and I HAD to take a pic before I sent them!!
oh, and remember earlier I mentioned snow???? Well, My little guy had 2 friends over Friday to go sledding with! My super sweet friend Amanda, let me borrow 2 of her kiddos to take sledding with Matthew and I! We all had fun!!! Here are a couple pics!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Owl Birthday Party!!

I am SO excited to share pictures from the Owl Birthday party I told you about!!!! I LOVE the way she pulled everything together! She added the number 1 to the cupcake toppers in glitter glue and did a great job!!! I LOVE seeing how my banner, toppers, and highchair banner look in action! Thanks for sending the pictures Erin!!!

ANd FYI- we are under mounds of snow AGAIN here in KY!
Have a good night!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Looks WHOOS one!

Happy day everyone! I had a request last month for a Owl birthday party. Not just any party. One done with crazy cuteness, Amy Butler (By K&Co) patterned paper and so much more! Well, I didn't get a chance to take a decent picture before shipping the goods, but I snapped this one with my camera. The happy mom is going to send over pictures after the party!

It is such a good feeling to know they LOVE the decor. I mean she had exactly what she wanted sketched out and emailed to me, so I did not want to mess it up! LOL
Hoot Hoot!
(Owl from Create a Critter, letters from Alphalicious)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ahoy Boy!

SO I just had to show you this cute sign for a recent nautical birthday party I did! I loved the cute saying!
The cool part is that I made it a 12x12 so that it could be the first page in a scrapbook of his birthday party! Just slip it right in and first page is done!!
The letters are from Plantin Schoolbook Cricut Cart and the circle boat is from New Arrival! Loving this :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

SO what did you GIVE for Christmas???

Happy Friday everyone!!
Wanted to share some pictures of my FAV crafty Christmas gifts, given to many of my family and friends this year!!
First up, Magnetic Jumbo Clothespins! Great for the fridge or to turn upside down and use as a picture holder!
 Next were rolled ribbon rosette headbands! I love these babies!
 ANd last but not lleast, picture cubes!!!
LOVED getting crafty this holiday season!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Mickey Par-tay!

I have crawled out from the snow! :)
Preschool was ON for today.
Life is busy, but good! :)
I found these pictures that I forgot to upload and share! EEK! (Am I losing my touch? :)

Oh I have so much more from the Christmas break to show you! Gifts, cards, birthday parties! The list goes on and on and on!!! Until next time..... :)
Love ya'll!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


SO I just have to share a picture a customer sent me! I made her some super cute table decorations for a baby shower and here is how she used them!!!
Didn't she do a great job!!!!!??!!

Hope you are all having a great Saturday!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

She's Back!

Good evening everyone!!! I have missed all of you so much!!!! After the family emergency, (Aunt Jackie is MUCH better. I will update later, but she is now home from Texas and spent several days and nights with us :)  I took a few days as a much needed break to get through the holidays. The 30th was also my little brother's birthday. He would have been 24. A pretty emotional day for me. That is how old I was when we lost him a few years ago.  How old I was when I got married. How old I was when I had my son, etc. Just makes me wonder who he would be today. Love that boy. The heart and reason behind the "62" in my name for those who haven't been around these parts long.  (It was his football number :)

But I am BACK. As crazy and loud as ever :)
Blessed and thankful.
Joyful and happy.
Ready for another fabulous year.
And ready to blog my little heart out :)
Love you all and I hope your 2011 is your best yet.
See you tomorrow!

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