Advertising is everything.

I have recently allowed advertising on my blog and I am open to other companies who are looking for a site to spread the knowledge of their products and services!
Advertising is available on my blog in the form of a single line text link or a 125 x 125 button on my front page that links back to your website.  If you choose to use a button, it must be emailed to me for approval before advertising term is guaranteed. I only accept prepaid Paypal payments for the term we have agreed upon. At the end of your advertising term, your button will be posted below indefinitely.
Email me at to discuss current rates.
Please note that prepaid advertisements are non refundable. If the content of your link changes from the originally agreed upon link to content not suitable for all audiences, profanity, nudity,  etc, then I have the right to pull your ad immediately.

I LOVE doing product reviews and/or giveaways on my blog. Not only do I get to use and play with great products, tools, and supplies, but I get to show many of the features, uses, and ignite creativity in my readers. In a review post, I hope to bring the best your product has to offer to the table and really show why my readers need them in their arsenal! Whether you are looking for me to do a simple review or you want to donate a product to giveaway, we can work out something within your budget and make it happen! YOU just have to be ready for the customers! Email me for details!

The following companies have generously supplied me with complimentary products and/or compensation for promotional, advertisement, and/or giveaway purposes either currently or in the past:

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