Friday, October 22, 2010

Banner with the Imagine

I know, I know- this is my second post of the day :) I have to make up for being sick earlier this week! LOL. You can scroll down to see the quick LO I made! And there is another project at the bottom of this one! I had a couple emails about the Imagine and I wanted to answer them! Here it goes:
1) Did you buy your Imagine on HSN?
Answer: No, like a lot of people, I wasn;t sold right away and when it launched on HSN on Sept 14th, my husband asked if that is what I wanted on my birthday (which was the 18th!) I declined (Yes, hit me. I know.)  I wanted to wait to see what types of carts would be coming, what all it could do, and if I thought it was worth the investment. As a Cricut Circle member, they offered us a free cartridge for buying that night, which sweetened the deal, but I still resisted! Husband actually got it on eBay for a GREAT deal. Really crazy good! :)
2. What cartridges do you have for the Imagine?
Answer: I currently have Imagine More (which comes with the Imagine), Blossom, Elise, Blast Off, Country Carnival, Kate's Kitchen, Imagine More Cards, and Yummy. Hopscotch is next on my list for sure!
I don't buy carts that I will not use just to have them!
3. Do you like it more than the Expression?
That's a hard one b/c they are so different. I use my expression all the time. I buy my cardstock wholesale, so I have plenty of every color I need for projects, orders, etc. It is nice to sit down with the Imagine and not need to worry about any other paper the white cardstock!

I will answer the other questions you email to me on here too, just send them to :)

Now on to a project! I was asked to make a birthday banner to match a pink/green/yello farm/tractor theme. She sent me a copy of her invite and the rest was history!
I LOVE how you can get a layered look without the work of layering!!!!
Original Carts: Celebrations -  Imagine Cart: Blast Off
I hope little Addy Anne has a FAB birthday party this weekend!


Kristin said...

I love your banners you make, I am going to try and make one for my husbands birthday next week, I will post it on my blog when I am done:) TFS:)

BusyB said...

: ) love the colors!!! you are GREAT at these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Cute banner!! Still trying to wrap my head around what all the Imagine can do!

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