Monday, May 17, 2010

A few questions :)

It's really a small world, ya know.  I know Meghann through my cousin Melissa. M&M are the bestest of buddies and I probably know more about Meghan than she knows I know! All good of course. Well, how delightfully elated I was to find out Meghann was a crazy fab scrapbooker! Really! She is the Guest Designer this month at Sketchy Thursdays! Although she calls New Orleans home now, she bleeds blue from the good ole KY :) So basically, we are BFF's because of this :)
She tagged me in this cute question game. I know I don't usually post this stuff, but it was fun....and it's my blog and I wanted to!!! LOL.

1. If you could own any car, regardless of cost, what would it be? I am pretty fond of my hummer, but don't think I would turn down a brand new masarati :) Just b/c I don't know of anyone with one :)

2. If you could spend an hour with any person in the world, living or dead, who would you spend it with? My brother. I miss him and can't believe it's been 4 years since his death. I would spend the time tellin ghim how much I loved him and catching him up on my little guy who he never met. love you Matt and miss you so much!

3. What color is your living room? like 4 different ralph lauren browns!! lots of green mixed around and black frames and shelves :)

4. What vacations/trips do you have planned for the summer?  heading to Dallas in July with my mom, tot, and sister for a few days and to CHA in Chicago with Amanda!!! Then my family cruises in January :) It's great to come home in winter with a tan and pretty toes :)

5. What is your favorite flower? gerbera daisies :) They make me smile :)

6. Chocolate or vanilla? white chocolate mocha :)

7. What person do you think knows you best in the world? Ashleigh. My BFF from college.  and Heather my first 'real' friend in Losuiville :)

8. Do you have a laid-back or keyed-up personality? are we talking about me???? LOL!!!

9. What goal do you want to accomplish this year? running a 1/2 marathon in Virginia Beach in Septemeber! getting excited!

10. What is the best photo you've ever taken? If you can, share it! Here is one of my favs :) He just looks so happy from the inside out! Love this little guy!!
Your turn! I am supposed to pick people and such, but I want to pick all of you! So if you want to play along, here are your 7 questions! Be sure and leave me a comment saying you are playing so I can come see!!! xoxo-sj

1. What did you want to be when you were little?
2. If you could travel at will....where would be the first place you would go?
3. What is your favorite charity or non profit organization?
4. Where is your favorite place online to buy crafty supplies?
5. Have a pet peave? Share!
6.  What's one thing you would change in your house if you could snap and it be done?
7. What was the theme of your high school prom???

Excited to read yours!!!


PenLight said...

Hi Sammye Jo, I'm going to be in Va Beach for the Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon too. We are flying in from Italy on the 1st. I'm not running it, but all 3 of my sons and one of their wives are going to run it. How neat that you might be too!

Amanda Profumo said...

Loved your post... I'll get to these questions in the a.m.! Can't wait for Chicago! YAY!

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