Sunday, March 28, 2010

Giveaway Info, NEW items, and more!

Hey everyone. Just an FYI- the winner of my 2 Cute Rubber Stamps giveaway is posted on the Facebook Fan Page! (FYI- Look at my posts and the winner is named there:) Make sure you are a fan! I do giveaways there too!!!
Don't forget to enter my Dear Lizzy Fabric Paper Giveaway HERE! Winner announced April 5th. AND did you know
American Crafts is bringing back the
Scratch & Sniff Stickers!?!
 I am one of the FIRST to have already received the ones I ordered! Watch for them to hit my shoppe later today! I have Dolls (BubbleGum), Dinosaurs (Blueberry), Go (Think travel)(Licorice), Trixie Letter Stickers (Orange), Camping (Marshmellow), Birthday (Cake)! Also ordered but not here are Farm and some other kiddo ones!! AND at my price of $1.75 a pack you won't find them cheaper :)
I feel another giveaway coming on :)

Scroll down for my 2 Cute Sunday post and don't forget that 9:00PM is the deadline for DCRU's weekly challenge!!


Tanya Rudd said...
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craft_princess said...

Oh I love scratch n sniff stickers!! I'm probably the only teacher at school that loves to smell them! HEHE!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Het girl! Just peeking in to see what you've been up too! Your profile pic is gorgeous btw!!! Scratch n Sniff stickers, omg, gotta check those out! Do you love them? xOxO

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