Monday, February 8, 2010

Cupcakes and Cold :)

Hey all my crafty friends :) We are gearing up for another snow storm, and although we don't get the amounts I know many of you do, around here you add water and you get instant idiots when it comes to driving. Seriously, some schools get called off just with a forecast of snow. LOL. When I was little, we would pray we HAD school. While some kids sat around and watched tv on snow days, we spent them at the tobacco barn stripping tobacco :) Now that I look back, I think we goofed off more playing on wood piles and chasing each other than actually stripping, but it seemed like so much work then :) After, dad would take us sledding down huge hills on the farm, and then hook us up to the 3 wheelers to pull us back up the hill. Friends loved sledding with us, no walking :) We would all come home and mom would make hot chocolate. My little guy thinks we have to have hot chocolate ANY cold morning! (I usually just warm his chocolate milk up :) Anyways, I am scheduled for my MRI tomorrow morning. So, snow or not, it's a go :) On snow days, my Hummer comes in very handy :) Snow doesn't stop me :) LOL. Anyways,  this is a picture of a card set I made for a customer. I just love cupcakes :) Have a nice and warm day everyone!


Amanda Profumo said...

Sammye Jo, I loved your snow story! TFS!
Your cupcake card set is adorable! Yummy!
Good luck tomorrow! Love & Hugs!

Gwen said...

Cute card, SJ! We are in for more snow too. You guys take care and be safe. Maybe Matthew can help you make some more cute projects.


Tricia said...

totally love that story of Snow. YEars ago we lived further south, in Bloomington Indiana and I would laugh when school was cancelled over an inch of snow. Cmon people! I love the cards with the monograms!

craft_princess said...

Aren't childhood memories the greatest! Ahhhh, mom's hot chocolate...the best!!! :)

Cute cupcake set...makes me hungry though!

Lilacanglia said...

Fantastic set,
Thinking of you tomorrow,

s.cammack said...

lots of snow in northern kentucky too!! wish we had those country hills like you do though! my hubby has a hummer and he to thinks he can drive through anything! too bad i have to commute to work and my teacher hubby gets to hang out at home and zoom around on the ATV with the snow plow attached (he acts like he has to plow everyone's driveways but he actually just loves to play on the ATV)!
love the cupcake cards. they make me smile!

lundgren79 said...

love the snow story, but were you ever spoiled. No walking to get back up the hill?!! That is not real sledding! Part of sledding is the walk:) Good luck with the MRI. Hang in there!

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