Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Banner Bonanza :)

The weather has been warming up here some in KY. However, they are calling for more snow, so I am trying to enjoy the 40's while I can! I love all the seasons, but I adore my flip flops. If I wasn't afraid of frost bite, I'd wear them in snow. :)
This cheerful goodness, makes me smile too :) The blank banner is going to be used to place pictures from newborn to 1 to hang at her party! I cannot wait to see the pictures her mom is going to send :) I'll be sure to share!! This was a super fun custom order for me! I love bright and fun! But you already knew that :)


IRW Dana said...

Such a cheerful banner. It really makes me think of spring and here in Iowa we could really use that with all of the snow we've been having.

craft_princess said...

Pretty banner!

Karen L said...

What a sweet idea for a 1st birthday! That would be a great idea for a graduation too!

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