Friday, March 13, 2009

One great deal!

Peachycheap So, I usually don't promote products for sale. Personal preference, but anyways. I have taken an interest in this site. They offer ONE thing for sale a day. When it's gone it is gone. Always discounted somewhere between 25 and 99 percent. My only dislike- shipping is ALWAYS 4.99 on each one. Sometimes I can't justifiy paying more for the shipping than the product, but you know I have! Check it out. You will find yourself going there once a day like me!


ms.cheryl said...

I have done the same thing on ebay. It just doesn't seem right that shipping is a set price or that it is more than the item purchased. S/H should be based solely on actual postage.I will check out the site anyway... can't help myself. thanks,ms.cheryl

Riannon said...

You have just received the Lemonade Award. Visit my blog and find out what to do next!

Creative Cards said...

Had a look at the website - and they don't post to UK so at least my money will be safe for a while!


Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your great find. I will definately keep an eye on that site. :)

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