Saturday, March 28, 2009

Custom Orders & Giveaway Winners

I love creating custom orders for people! I did a sign, letters, and tags for a lady a couple weeks ago. She came back and wanted me to do another sign for her. They are a lot of fun. She sent me the picture of her logo and I matched colors and font as close as I could. I think it turned out well.

Now, for a reminder- March is almost over and that means the March winner will be drawn soon. Fontaine the package I sent you that you never got froma giveaway will be going out again, look for it! I am glad Jamie got hers, and February winner Ms,. Cheryl- did you get yours?


Jamie said...

that sign is really cute :) GREAT job

ms.cheryl said...

Yes mam I sure did and loved going thru the goodie bag over and over. I love the little spouting whales and i know exactly where i will use them. My son's name is Noah so I collect Noah's Ark themed items as I find them. I will do a page with an above and below water line and the little whales will be adorable.
I loved the little felt pieces and all the tags.Thank you so much.
I love visiting your little corner of the world. ms.cheryl

SHartl said...

Your sign is darling...and I imagine the tags etc. were as well!

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