Saturday, January 31, 2009


Another request for prayers, thoughts, or good vibes for my family. My great uncle who was like a grandfather to me and like a dad to my father passed away this morning in his sleep. My dad and him are lifelong farmers and farm several operations together. This came out of left field. He was 74 in great health and such a wonderful man. He served in the Navy aboard the USS Sellstrom. He and my great aunt Nancy are/were only 1 month away from celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on March 1st. My little guy thought the world of him and just talked to him on the phone yesterday and told him he wanted to come play with his tractor. (Uncle Bob lets him play with a collectible tractor when he visits) I pray that the good Lord be with our family and comfort my dad, Aunt Nancy, and the rest of us during this time. Times like this make me realize my own mortality. When we leave this earth, we take nothing. I hope to leave memories for my family of good times, laughter, and love. God bless.

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casualcloud said...

sorry to hear that...sending my condolences

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