Monday, January 5, 2009

Check Out these blogs!

I love finding new and exciting sites and blogs! SO, thought I would share a few of my discoveries with you today! Check them out!

Who doesn't love a giveaway???? So, follow Bloggy Giveaways for chances to win all kinds of stuff all the time! All you have to do is comment for a chance to win. (Same way to win as here!!!)

Diane over at Four Paws & Co. always has something creative to say and shares tons of pictures! Stop by and tell her hello!

Want good food and recipes on a budget? Try a bite from the crew at Prudence Penny Wise!

More to come tomorrow!

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Diane said...

Awww, you're so sweet to mention me!

Remember the cupcake card I bought from you? I went to Marshall's & found a cupcake tray & 4 footed bowls with a cupcake, party hat & balloon on the sides. The inside of bowls are painted. Colors are pink yellow, green & blue. The objects are all slightly raised and they all work with the cupcake card for my DIL. I also bought valentine dish towels & a beaded heart basket. Wrapped the bowls up with the dishtowels & I'm going to bake her favorite pumpkin cookies for the tray. I was so jazzed to find them. ☺ Diane

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