Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Weekend! No tricks, just TREATS!

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a fab October!
Just wanted to share this super cute idea!
Matthew has a great teacher for preschool again this year and for each class party, I always try and get the teacher a little something. Afterall, she is putting up with MY child three mornings a week :)
So, today was his Halloween party! Here is what she got!

This was a normal kraft beverage container! I covered it on all sides with Halloween paper, inked the edges, made a cute title, added twine and tulle. Inside are some tasty treats from Heine Brothers, the BEST local coffee shop. There is a tumbler, coffee, tea leaves, green tea mints, stew cup, etc. Perfect for a sweet teacher!

Hope everyone has a safe Halloween weekend!
Matthew was spiderman today, but has 3 more costumes pulled from his dress up bin for the rest of the weekend :)


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